Cambridge CXA60 review: Stereo Amplifier

Cambridge CXA60 review: Stereo Amplifier

In the segment of integrated amplifiers cost $ 1,000 annoying gaps. More precisely, gaping: exceptionally talented Stereo Amplifier Cambridge CXA60 closed them myself. This unit is part of a new line of the Stereo Amplifier Cambridge CX and boasts of having the digital inputs support high resolution audio and pleasant, thoughtful design. Yeah, it sounds great.

Stereo Amplifier CXA60 instantly charms: it has its own energy, smoothness, and a rare enthusiasm. In the list of priorities, he puts the pleasure of listening to music in the first place. This does not mean that the amplifier does not pay enough attention to detail, dynamics, and rhythmic accuracy; and it is easy to cope with complex arrangements and a re-creation of the smallest details.

The famous bass line in the song Seven Nation Army group White Stripes – elastic, lively and powerful – immediately grabs the listener.

Feature of the new Stereo Amplifier from Cambridge

Cambridge CXA60 review: Stereo Amplifier

In Stereo Amplifier CXA60 fairly straightforward approach, but not enough to be annoying. Stone and roaring guitar riffs full of different textures and enviable sharpness, irregular and intense vocals of Jack White’s passed with all the nuances. The song makes a strong impression.

The energetic Stereo Amplifier does not pass the border, it can not be accused of lack of control and excessive zeal; Cambridge demonstrates excellent control of the dynamics and rhythms. The compositions of Hans Zimmer from the film “Home” sounds suitably grim, constantly increasing pressure.

String track Time is gradually becoming louder drums adds bleak. Piano notes fade in the final composition hovering over an open soundstage, their lively and exciting sound for a long time remains in memory.

Some competitors – for example, Arcam FMJ A19 for $ 1100 – a little more able to create deep bass, treble and more open even finer details, however, and Cambridge pleases high quality, especially considering the price.

The density of its sound leads the listener excited, but at the same time it is surprisingly easy and enjoyable.

With stylish and modern design, Stereo Amplifier CXA60 looks very attractive. Stereo Amplifier “floating chassis”, durable aluminum body with a black or silver finish and neat front panel. By creating a new amplifier, Cambridge paid a lot of attention to every aspect of it, which will result in a high-quality product.

Cambridge CXA60 review: Stereo Amplifier

Display devices – simple and elegant. The buttons are located near the symbols input; their blue color when choosing a connection becomes dark blue. Included there is a button with an icon Bluetooth: CXA60 able to receive music from smartphones using the codec Bluetooth aptX, but for this you have to buy Cambridge BT100 module for $ 100. Ventilation grill on the top cover not only decorates Stereo Amplifier CXA60 – it helps cool the class AB Stereo Amplifier output of 60 watts per channel.

If you look inside, you can see the toroidal transformer, located right in the chassis; in Cambridge consciously chose this position because it reduces the level of magnetic flux, and thus reduces the noise in the signal path.

Among other design features worth noting separate and symmetrical channel paths, minimizing the interference of electromagnetic fields and increasing the stability of the sound.

Manage Stereo Amplifier Cambridge is easy. Responsive panel buttons and the volume knob immediately respond to commands. Regulators channel balance and TONE (designated images violin and bass clef) is also running smoothly. It is worth experimenting with the regime of Direct – he passes a signal in Defeat, making the sound purer.

Strong and sophisticated remote control will quickly become your indispensable assistant.

The same unit can be used to control all models of line CX.

On the rear panel – a large range of digital and analog connections, including four line inputs and two pairs of speaker terminals (can be arranged dual-cable connection or connect a second pair of speakers).

Cambridge CXA60 review: Stereo Amplifier

Built-in DAC (24-bit / 192 kHz) supports playback of HD-files via two optical and one coaxial input. It is based on the same chip Wolfson DAC, as the DacMagic Plus ($ 620), received in 2012 a four-star. If you need a USB-port, will have to choose a more expensive model – CXA80 ($ 1200), the next in the line of CX.

The front panel 3.5mm input for MP3-players and smartphones and similar headphone. It can be used as a preamp CXA60 or connect it to a subwoofer for bass support. Cambridge continues to sign inputs in both directions, making it easy to read labels, leaning over the device.

Stereo Amplifier Cambridge CXA60 we love; Stereo Amplifier is great in almost every way. It looks impressive, has a lot of connections, and his strong, detailed and rhythmically perfect sound very pleasant to the ear. And it is easy to manage.

The closest Stereo Amplifier competitor CXA60 – Award awarded amplifier Arcam A19 – boasts a little more mature and sophisticated sound, but it is more expensive ($ 1200), and has no digital inputs. Stereo Amplifier CXA60 is quite competitive at a lower price.

Price: $ 1,000

Rating: 5

PROS: Deep bass, high-frequency control; excellent workmanship; connectivity; expressive dynamics

CONS: No module Bluetooth; It requires attention in the selection of partners

VERDICT: A great amp sounds as cool as it looks

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