Restrictions on pre-order Apple Watch

Restrictions on pre-order Apple Watch

Restrictions on pre-order Apple Watch

Considering pre-order on Apple Watch? You can do it, starting from April 10, but here’s the catch: according to the portal phone arena, apparently pre-ordering the watch from Apple, you will encounter some limitations. For example, users can not select the strap and the body of their smart hours.

Practically, this means that all possible combinations are listed on the official website of the company, but if for some reason you want to choose your own version of a combination of body and strap it to the stage of registration of pre-order to do this it will be impossible.

That is, if your heart liked aluminum watch case and a black strap to combine them together, you will need to purchase a separate strap for a surcharge.

The cost of additional straps starts at $ 49 for a sports model and can reach $ 449 per bracelet made of links. Given the fact that most budget collection Apple Watch will cost you $ 350, you will think several times before buying a replacement strap to your device or even stop your choice on other watches.

It is expected that, perhaps, in the future, this issue will be resolved in favor of consumers.

Source: Ubergizmo

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