New Asus ZenFone get innovative camera

New Asus ZenFone get innovative camera

New Asus ZenFone get innovative camera

At the beginning of next year at CES, Asus plans to introduce a new line of smartphones Zenfone. At first glance, the device should not be very different from its competitors, however, turned out to be not so simple.

As the resource phonearena, the network has a short teaser video, which shows one of the smartphone line Zenfone, which is equipped with two lenses of the camera.

The video also sounds the phrase: “To see what others cannot see,” which alludes to the presence in the smartphone really unique technology-related pictures or videos.

ASUS ZenFone Teaser Hints at Dual Camera Handset

New Asus ZenFone get innovative camera

If a little speculate that comes to mind a few ideas. Perhaps smartphone from Asus can take pictures with a blurred background or on the device will be able to post-editing material removal.

In addition, Zenfone may be able to capture three-dimensional images, as it once was in the smartphone HTC Evo 3D.

In any case, something innovative, Asus will show us. It remains only to wait for CES, which will be held in January 2015.

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