Apple has once again become the most innovative company

Corporation of Cupertino often takes prizes in various rankings , and many of them simply can not pay attention. This time, Apple once again established itself as the title of the most innovative corporations in the world, writes The Wall Street Journal. The technology giant heads the list here is not for nine years.

The study conducted an American consulting firm Boston Consulting Group, whose experts have studied almost all the global company. It is not known by what criterion experts revealed their ability to innovate, however, the rating includes not only the famous “shark» IT, but also automobile giants, and even Coca-Cola.

Five leaders has not changed: South Korea’s Samsung Corporation while breathing in the back of Apple, but still can not move it to the well-deserved podium. Following Samsung settled Google and Microsoft, and the fifth largest automobile company, analysts have given Toyota.

How are innovations in the automotive sector, is easy to understand – here the winner is the company that can offer its customers the latest technology at a reasonable price. In the IT-sector is going in a similar way, but in this case, race is often not so much for the adaptation of technology, but for the right to use it in their products. This is related to multiple patent case between Apple and Samsung around the world.

What exactly is Apple’s innovation in the last year? Take the same iPhone 5S. The smartphone has received a minor update at first glance, but not without the traditional “killer-features” – fingerprint reader. Yes, these sensors are already used in their devices by other manufacturers, but Apple was able to adapt the technology for its multi-million audience and make it really useful. Although by no means all is appreciated.

Nowadays, innovation is not a new idea or a finished product, and the company’s ability to bring this same product on the world market. Of course, many are waiting for Apple’s bold decisions and a sharp entry into the segment of smart watches, televisions and cars. And if the first two markets are very achievable for a corporation , it is the third most distant dream than a workable reality.

I often hear phrases like “Without Steve Jobs Apple has ceased to be an innovative and focused more on profits than on the creation of new products. ” That’s right, under the wing of Tim Cook Apple has to take care of their material well-being, and it helped her to save more than $ 150 billion. Thus in Cupertino do not cease to delight us with new products, even though the same “wow effect”, I admit, is gradually eroding. Is this lack of innovation?

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