Sony SEL- 1018 10 -18mm F4.0 OSS – look at the wider world

The most important beauty interchangeable lens is that for each scene you can choose the most convenient tool. It is this fact that has always appealed SLR owners when it came to the more compact size of the camera. But over the past year, the situation has changed, and manufacturers began to make ever greater emphasis on ” quality compact.” A policy change began to appear more glasses to cover all ranges of focal lengths. Market conditions are such that someone has become a leader, and someone – catching up . Sony is one of the first made ​​a bid for bezzerkalki and is not lost . As a result, at the moment we can not just pick up a camera on almost any amount of money , but also mount lenses E. Do you want to take a portrait , landscape , macro, sports – you’ll find that the tie to his cell. And today we will focus on the lens worth nearly $ 1,000 with a focal length of 10-18 mm. We look at the Sony SEL 1018 10-18 mm F\4 OSS.

When you take a heavy lens in hand, once it is clear that the model is not the budget. The case is completely made of metal covered with a black matte coating. Of plastic elements – two wheels in charge of changing the focal length and manual focus. On the ring marked notches that help durable enough, and the lack of slipping during cornering. Movements are smooth, clear and quiet, no backlash or jerks does not arise. No additional leverage.

The lens system is proprietary image stabilization Optical Steady Shot, so that experience when shooting handheld in low light is not necessary. Having a system – it is a logical move for such a price tag.

The size of the lens does not contribute to compactness. Weighing in at 227 grams has dimensions of the lens at 62mm focal length of 18 mm and 71 mm – at the focal value of 10 mm. The thickness is also rather big – 62 mm diameter filter. As for me , it is convenient and well, gives additional weight of the camera and grip . And it looks solid.

In the body of the motor is installed, so the AF works really fast. During the time that the model has been in my testing, I have not been able to make mistakes or reverie when searching the zone of sharpness. Artificial intelligence clings clearly and firmly.

The level of distortion is small as a lens with a focal length . At a value of 10 mm, the distortion is visible to the naked eye. The same happens with the value of 18 mm, but they are not so evident. Predictably for wide angle and even gives a picture of some additional charm. In this case, on the value of the focal length of 14 mm distortion disappear.

The level of vignetting – a weak spot lens, especially with the broadest possible position and maximum aperture. Covering the same aperture on two feet or not fully correct the situation. Even if you use the lens at longer focal lengths , you still have to reduce the aperture . This is not something incredibly bad – to some extent all the “Shirikov” suffer from high vignetting. And in the editor to correct all the little can.

Resolution images when using this lens ranges from good to excellent . At the very short end of the center sharp and detailed. The edges of the same depends on the aperture value for shooting. The highest quality is achieved on F\5.6, with increasing resolution drops a little. data were taken from the site and have been interpreted in view of the fact that over the theoretical maximum was made conditional value of 100 for the best perception data

Wide-angle lenses are prone to chromatic aberrations . Do not spared this fate and the lens from Sony. In the pictures it looks like a small colored pixels in the corners of the image. Naturally , with a 24 megapixel matrix in the Sony Nex 7 , for example, glaring aberrations will not. But a detailed study of the image will necessarily be visible.


The lens is definitely good. Full metal housing, excellent build and appearance do produce “I want to effect.” Plus there is the fact that the glass is equipped with auto focus and stabilizer motor, so shoot at slow shutter speeds even easier. But a Sony 10-18 F \ 4, and a number of shortcomings. Its sharpness can not be called vyrviglaznoy are present here and distortion, and vignetting, and chromatic aberration. Of course, most of these shortcomings, if not give a picture of charm, it can be corrected in the editors. But given the price tag of $ 1000, I want higher quality.

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