The new self-cleaning paint resists wear

The new self-cleaning paint resists wear

The new self-cleaning paint resists wear

You want to be able to wash the car, just watering it with the house and everything – no detergent, rags, sponges, drying? Perhaps in the not too distant future thanks to a new study it will be possible. The project, conducted by a team under the guidance of the dean of University College London, let’s look at these prospects are quite objective and optimistic. Drawing on its side data previously conducted research, they developed ultra hydrophobic (repels water) paint that can be applied to a variety of surfaces and stay there, oh, very long time.

The active ingredient is a surfactant in the ink of nano-particles of titanium dioxide. They make a liquid applied to the surface like beads rolling down instead of clinging to the treated surface of the molecule. Since those droplets roll on painted surfaces, they remove any dirt, viruses, bacteria, or other solid contaminants that are in their way. To allow the paint to stick firmly to the surface, it added various plasticizers formula, each of which is more suited to the specific conditions of use. Paints themselves can also be used differently. During their study, the researchers used an airbrush to apply the coating to the glass and metal syringe to put them on paper, and even a cotton dipped in paint.

Duration of operation was a limiting factor in many of the previously developed self-cleaning paints. In this case, however, the paint remains in place, holding onto a variety of surfaces and maintaining their hydrophobic qualities, even after being subjected to the conditions of the rude and inconsiderate use of cold, heat, dirt and dry weather. All she has appeared uneasy.

Source: Telegraph

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