Review of the best pen in the world - Adonit Jot Pro

Review of the best pen in the world – Adonit Jot Pro

Review of the best pen in the world - Adonit Jot Pro

Steve Jobs believes that no stylus for use with the iPad is not needed. We have 10 of the nature of a stylus, but using them is quite impossible to fine and beautiful line. This means that it is impossible to write notes and do other recording. Only the stylus in the world, which solves this problem, – Adonit Jot Pro. We present you an overview of the stylus.

Five years ago in San Francisco, Steve Jobs introduced the audience a new revolutionary device – Apple iPad. Yes, tablets existed before, but for some reason the iPad has forced people to use such devices. Maybe it’s just a magic charisma Apple or Steve Jobs. In principle, absolutely does not matter for what reason this happened. The main thing that it happened.

Light weight, easy to use format and a good operating system makes the iPad a great tool for students. No need to carry around heavy textbooks and weighty notes are no longer needed stationery. All of this can replace one device – iPad.

Steve Jobs claimed that the iPad does not need any stylus. I think that Jobs they just do not like them. Today at Apple has sold a stylus, and perhaps this year, Apple introduced the stylus own design.

The stylus is needed. And a good synopsis of math on the iPad can be done only with the stylus. Of course, if you are not a geek and do not know what LaTex and other programs that allow to enter mathematical symbols and gain formula.

Most have a rubber tip styluses of different diameters. This allows you to write on the iPad thick lines that does not look good. Indeed, why do we need a stylus, if we have fingers? Only the stylus, with which you can actually write on the iPad, – it Adonit Jot Pro.


Review of the best pen in the world - Adonit Jot Pro

Adonit Jot Pro Stylus is packed in a plastic bag, which is attached to the cardboard with information about the stylus. In the box you will find yourself a stylus and a cover that protects the tip.

Cap not only protects the tip of the stylus when carrying. It can also be screwed to the other end of the stylus while working with him. This adds convenience, because the length of the stylus becomes the same as an ordinary pen.

In the box there is nothing else. A replacement can be tips, which will eventually be erased. Well at least that they can be bought separately. No batteries, charging cable and other things in the box and no. Just because of this stylus, unlike Pencil, no power supply is needed.

Work from the device

To work with the device you do not need absolutely no software. Everything works, they say, “out of the box.” But different programs have different perceptions of the stylus.

For example, in Adobe Reader stylus sometimes writes intermittently, which is very, very frustrating. But the work in the application of the Penultimate Evernote is not satisfactory.

Stylus tip is transparent, allowing you to see, in what place you write. And this is a must for precise drawing and writing.

The stylus is made from very soft to the touch material. Except for the cap. He is some kind of plastic or something. The fear is that it will crack in a moment of low-energy depression.

Stylus itself weighty and very good in the hand. He also has a rubberized area, which makes long-term work with a stylus painless for your fingers.


Review of the best pen in the world - Adonit Jot Pro

If your goal – to write notes or other text on the iPad, then you have no choice. Rather, it is, but only of the models that produces one firm. And this firm Adonit. They very quickly update the lineup. So fast that I do not know what exactly the stylus generation I hold in my hands. This is very confusing when you choose, what kind of stylus afford.

Stylus Adonit Jot Pro – this is the most convenient replacement handle. Working with him is practically no different from working with conventional ballpoint pen.

Only need to get used to hold the stylus a little higher. Absolutely not worth taking Adonit Jot mini, because it is very uncomfortable in the hand and it is inconvenient to write.

Adonit Jot Pro costs about 30 euros. The official website of the price is $ 30, but the delivery will cost you extra 6-30 dollars.

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