Let's look a little military history sights Shield

Let’s look a little military history sights Shield

Let's look a little military history sights Shield

After comparative tests in 2009 collimator sights Shield CQB / CQS became the choice of UK Ministry of Defence for use in all types of armed forces (Army, Air and Navy).

During the competition held the following steps:

– Intensive testing of the Ministry of Defense in the harsh conditions of Norway (January 2010) and Arizona (June 2010).

– Fire tests on rifles SA80 (L85A1), machine guns SA80 LSW and LMG.

– Tests for resistance to the environment in accordance with the standard DEF STAN 00-35.

Let's look a little military history sights Shield

At the request of the Ministry of Defense Shield Company has not applied the red filter lens front to reduce the visibility of the visual front. Such a coating creates an unnatural and noticeable red glow, draws attention to the arrow. Lack of red coating distinguishes collimators Shield from competitors.

Test results Shield CQB / CQS:

  1. a) Operating temperature range: -46 to + 49 ° C
  2. b) Storage temperature range: -46 to + 71 ° C degrees
  3. c) immersion in 1 meter for 30 minutes (also conducted separate tests, plunging sight on 5 meters for a few days)
  4. d) temperature changes from 21 to -46 ° C for 3 minutes, from 58 to + 21 ° C for 3 minutes.
  5. d) sight withstand heavy rain, fog, salt vapor exposure.
  6. e) withstand a drop onto concrete from a height of 1.25 m, when installed on the rifle SA80 (gun down).

Let's look a little military history sights Shield

In September 2010, was received certificate ‘System Acceptance’, and the sight CQB \ CQS was adopted. First it was put in the Air Force regiment guarding the airfields in Afghanistan. At the moment, the troops placed over 45,000 sights Shield CQB. They are used in combat and military training in Afghanistan, Kenya, Canada, USA and Europe. Of recent contracts – Supply sights for some units of the armed forces of Poland.

Company Shield also supplies sights Shield Mini Sight military customers since 1998:

1998 – Mini Sight Sight was introduced on the market (at that time under the brand name ‘Firepoint’). Knight’s Armament set for Mini Sight Trijicon ACOG for use in SOCOM.

2000 – cooperation with Accuracy International Installation sight Mini Sight on traumatic weapons for the Ministry of Defence and the police.

2001 – Knight’s Armament Company introduced a variant of sight Shield Mini Sight for use with a grenade launcher M203. He is still used in the Armed Forces of Australia.

Let's look a little military history sights Shield

2003 – special operations forces of Great Britain and the United States use sights Shield Mini Sight together with Trijicon ACOG.

Of 2007-2009. – More than 15,000 sights Shield Mini delivered to the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom to meet the urgent need arose. They were installed on the Trijicon ACOG sights and actively used during the conflict in Afghanistan (before the introduction of sights Shield CQB).

Total since 1998 the company has delivered more than 100,000 Shield sights Mini, most of which were sent to military customers in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

In addition to the use of small arms, sights Mini is also used to improve the accuracy of rocket-propelled grenades and mortars.

Let's look a little military history sights Shield

As a result, the sight Mini has created a niche in the market of high-miniature collimator sights, prompting companies such as Aimpoint and Trijicon develop their own counterparts. To be precise, the company originally purchased Trijicon sight Mini Sight Shield company and started its production under the brand Trijicon RedDot using electronics Mini Sight to create your own sight RMR.

Arrows can purchase a full range of collimator sights of Shield: from the legendary Mini Sight with aiming mark of 4 and 8 MOA MOA and mounting options on the bar Pikattini and shotgun, and to secure high-reliability analog tactical military sight Shield CQS. We bring you the introductory video review of this line of sights:

PS: The only difference between military Shield CQB sight of civil Shield CQS – constructive arrangement screws attaching them to the database. Everything else is absolutely identical. This was done to simplify the export and sale of such sights on the civilian market.

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