Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus: when the iPhone 6 does not seem so great

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

Last Friday, our editors with the long-awaited visit to the visit of two new smartphones from Apple – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. After a long acquaintance and at least long testing we published a review of iPhone 6 , but today it was the turn of his “big brother” with 16 GB of internal memory on board. So there you go.

iPhone 6 Plus has become the biggest iPhone in the history of the line smartphone from Apple. Something that were so afraid of loyal fans “apple” of the corporation – in Cupertino yet ripe for the release of the so-called “bucket” (which is the title received a majority of five, six, seven and even eight-inch smartphones on Android). Will it have the Apple move away from all of these stereotypes, we are with you and find out.

Because of its impressive size of the device was 60 grams heavier than the iPhone 5s, however, due to an incredibly thin body (only 7.1 mm to 7.6 mm from the previous iPhone), this severity is almost imperceptible. First time iPhone 6 Plus is felt in the hand is not very comfortable – have to get used to it, and addictive achieved within a couple of days.

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

In hand iPhone 6 Plus is noticeably worse iPhone 6 – not surprising, since the gadget by 10 millimeters wider and 20 millimeters long. It seems as if you hold simultaneously two iPhone 5s, fastened together. But even with this iPhone 6 Plus there is not as big as some of the Android-smartphone with the same screen size. Call it “the magic of Apple” or whatever you like, but it’s true.

Creating iPhone 6 Plus, Apple realized that it needs a number of advantages over its competitors, because the latter have already occupy a niche smartphones with big screens. And while stuffing the phone (which we shall speak later) inferior to modern flagships from Samsung or HTC, speed and smoothness of its operation raises no objections.

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

But let’s not just idle talk – let’s see what Apple has decided to surprise us this time.

What’s in the box?

Box iPhone 6 Plus is almost exactly the same as the iPhone 6 – the same white box with the word iPhone on each side, a little information about the device on the rear surface and the relief image on the front of the smartphone. Check that the version before us is the “plus” can only be the size of the box, which are much larger than the iPhone 6 (or on a sticker on the back).

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

Inside we were met by the iPhone itself 6 Plus, which can be as long as gently pull out and put aside, pulling the special tongue, white envelope with the instructions, the two traditional “apples” and the clip to open the tray SIM-card, headphones EarPods (no, not yet Beats ), a one-way cable Lightning USB and charger, already adapted to Russian outlets.

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

Since Apple has a complete set of boxes surprise can not look at themselves “giant” closer.

Design – iPhone 6 Plus

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus is made of glass and anodized aluminum – the material, due to which your smartphone can not be left alone for a minute, even in spite of its impressive size. He’s incredibly pleasant to the touch, and the very white stripes on the back of the smartphone did not spoil the impression of the device.

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

On the left side of the iPhone 6 Plus there are buttons toggle the volume rocker and the vertical to mute the sound, and on the right side – a tray for SIM-card and the screen lock button and turn the smartphone off. With a diagonal screen is not surprising that it is now located on the side.

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

Rear panel, as I have said, done carefully (except for overly sensitive to fingerprints “bullseye”). Some may not make a 8-megapixel camera with a protruding optical stabilization, but it serves only one millimeter from the body. Well tolerated, the more that a few days later she already did not bother.

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

Lower bound is completely identical to the panel in the iPhone 6 – Lightning connector cable and the speaker grille.

Screen – iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus has become the first line of the iPhone, which got a full screen with a resolution of Full HD (1920 × 1080), although Apple has named its Retina HD. “Blame” this is worth the same 5.5-inch display – in combination with the resolution it gives an excellent picture.

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

Juicy colors, the text is incredibly clear – all that we have heard in the review iPhone 6. But I would like to underline color reproduction iPhone 6 Plus. None of the currently existing Apple smartphones can boast such an excellent display. Yeah, he’s really cool.

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

The screen contrast is 1300: 1, and the number of pixels per inch (ppi) reached a record for iPhone 401 pieces. He also has a two-domain pixels to expand the viewing angle. A oleophobic coating front panel is resistant to fingerprints.

Camera – iPhone 6 Plus

The new 8-megapixel camera iPhone 6 Plus has become much better than iPhone 5s, acquired the technology to support Focus Pixels and optical image stabilization. The last is not even the iPhone 6.

Encouraged by the presence of the ability to record HD-video with a resolution of 1080p at 30 or 60 frames / s, as well as shooting video slow slow-mo c at 120 or 240 frames / s. Improved Face Detection function does its job perfectly well even from a distance.

And, of course, can not ignore the fingerprint Touch ID. The iPhone 6 Plus he began to work much better, and use it for authentication in third-party applications on iOS 8 and did a real pleasure.

Iron and Tests – iPhone 6 Plus

On the “board» iPhone 6 Plus new A8 processor with 64-bit architecture, coprocessor movement M8, 1 GB of RAM, chip NFC (so far only used for payments in the payment system, Apple Pay), improved chip LTE and Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

Of wireless standards is worth noting Bluetooth 4.0, LTE frequencies with enhanced support and GLONASS support.

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

In performance tests conducted by the utility Geekbench 3, iPhone 6 Plus gave almost the same result as the iPhone 6. not surprising, since both the smartphone equipped with the same processor with a frequency of A8 1.38 GHz.

It wasWas

Unfortunately, to test with the utility AnTuTu Benchmark Plus on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 will not work – the app just took off up to 50% performance.

Special attention is given control mode device “one hand”: twice touching the “Home”, the screen will move down slightly down, and you can easily reach the upper icons.

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

Job applications and games on the iPhone 6 Plus is admirable. Technology Metal, improving the quality of the graphics, the gameplay makes the device truly unforgettable.


The smartphone is equipped with a battery capacity of 3000 mAh almost that almost twice higher than that of iPhone 5s. With such a battery is provided to you a full day of active use of the device in the freedom from “slavery” outlet.

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus


At any smartphone, whether iPhone or Galaxy Edge, has its drawbacks. iPhone 6 Plus is very sensitive to the falls. Due to flow smoothly into the lateral border of the display last very sensitive about any incidence. Hence, chipped, cracked glass – sapphire coating yet or not.

About 1 GB of RAM I have already said in the review iPhone 6, but not too lazy to mark it now. Such a smartphone like the iPhone 6 Plus, is not too much of this amount of RAM, although you hardly notice it during use.

Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

As much as I praised this smartphone, it is still large. It inconvenient to carry in your pocket (it just sticks out), uncomfortable to hold, if you do not have long fingers. And the ear it looks rather big.

Opinion Editorial

iPhone 6 Plus is a really good smartphone, but not for everyone. It is unlikely that a wide range of buyers will appreciate such a large screen size of the smartphone, which has seriously increased its size. But if you happen to looking for a replacement to its iPad mini or dreamed about a hybrid smartphone and tablet from Apple – you got it.

On the iPhone 6 Plus is very fun to play, watch movies and TV shows, chat on the web, but personally I quite enough 4.7 inches iPhone 6. iPhone 6 Plus, of course, is a smartphone that you want to get used to. And the results of this addiction you are unlikely to be disappointed.

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