Tracker Nut not give things lost

Tracker Nut not give things lost

From time to time you lose the keys, wallets or handbags? This is the problem. Perhaps we should get a smart tracker? For example, Nut.

That is capable of a tiny invention? It is easy to attach to anything. After that, the gadget starts to closely monitor things.

Functions of Tracker Nut

If the owner is too far from the road property – in the smartphone will be notified. Will go back and look.

Product Length – 30 mm. Thickness – 5.4 mm. Synchronization with mobile devices takes place via Bluetooth. Supported devices based on the platform no older Android 4.3 or iOS 7.

Tracker Nut not give things lost

That’s great – authors of the project attended to a problem of false alarms. Nothing like Nut users are not threatened (according to the developers, of course). Are achieved thanks to a proprietary algorithm said?

The release is expected in August 2015. The retail price is $ 20.

However, it is easy to save money, to make a reservation for 15 USD. Applications are accepted on the site Kickstarter, which is raising funds for mass production prototype.

Source: geeky-gadgets

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