Roksan K3 review

Roksan K3 review

Roksan K3 review

Before Roksan K3 is a very difficult task. A few years ago his fellow Kandy K2 was one of our favorites in this category. The company hopes to continue this glorious tradition, but in a new price segment: for Roksan K3 she asked not $ 2100 as in the preceding model but wants $ 2,400.

Form corresponds to the content: it is as solid amplifier massive sound, and the price is very attractive.

However, the new amplifier has a couple of surprises. If he looks very similar to his brother, his schemes were completely redesigned in order to increase the purity of stereo sound. And the power supply is replaced by a more efficient. Let’s look at the main features of the device.

Features of the Roksan K3

Like the version of the Roksan K2 BT, Roksan K3 features aptX Bluetooth, so you can use it to listen to music streaming services and mobile devices, not just analog sources.

On the back are five line and the entrance to the MM-phono stage. There is also output from the preamplifier and connectors that allow to pass the left and right channels set of DK through Roksan K3 bypassing the preamplifier. The front panel is a button to connect the Bluetooth-enabled device and 3.5 mm headphone output.

Design of the Roksan K3

Externally K3 looks more elegant than its predecessor. The body of brushed aluminum is available in finishes such as “charcoal”, “anthracite” and “opium.” The design as a whole is a stylish and strong, but we would like to move the regulators has been more stable.

Power Roksan K3 has grown over the K2 BT and now is 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms – this certainly enough to blow the cobwebs out of the corners.

Roksan K3 review

This amplifier is very ambitious and confident sound – perhaps the most grandiose, what we have heard in this category – and the general music scene, penetrating into every corner of the room. If you live in a place where you can with impunity to add volume to the limit, it will be happy to serve you.

The bass line in the song Drake Underground Kings fed vigorously, tight and controlled. Details and textures enhance the penetration of sound and subtlety.

It is this demonstrated the low bass rhythm Technics SU-C700. Here it’s all right. The melody and accompaniment and merge into a single coherent whole.

Sound of the Roksan K3

Voices and instruments are enough space to breath on the spacious music scene. The detail is high, although the Rega Elicit-R it is still a little better.

Dynamics is excellent. Despite the power and scale. This amplifier is well able to handle more fragile and delicate moment in the compositions – while Arcam A39 is not possible. Roksan K3 fully conveys emotional depth sultry Ready For Love India Arie.

Roksan K3 review

Balanced Roksan K3 allows it to easily cope with the drop in the quality of signal transmission via Bluetooth. The sound turns out quite nicely without underscores shortcomings, hardness, and sharpness.

With the Roksan K3 retains that status as one of the leaders. This amp is excellent. Rhythm and attention to detail are better at Rega Elicit-R, but in an active Roksan K3 – a lively, enjoyable and very exciting sound.

Rating: 5

Pros: The scale; agile and energetic bass; powerful rhythmic drive; Highly detailed; expressiveness; balance

Less: Unreliable volume control

Verdict of the Roksan K3

Superb amplifier with massive, energetic sound and texture as well as a very reasonable price.

Source: Roksan

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