Oura - tracker unusual activity in the form of rings

Aura ring – tracker unusual activity in the form of rings

There are many gadgets to track the physical activity of the owner. They are capable of a variety of devices – smartphones, bracelets, and watches.

What is offered Aura ring?

Finnish developers at Aura ring offer a different format. Their trademark tracker looks like a ring. Worn on the finger of a miniature novelty.

Oura - tracker unusual activity in the form of rings

By functional ring does not yield a larger device. The product determines the content of oxygen in the blood, heart rate, body temperature, sleep quality, blood pressure and many others.

All possibilities have not yet voiced creators. It is likely unveiling details closer to release – in October this year.

The invention is able to boast a durable waterproof housing made of a special material – zirconium ceramic. In addition, impressive battery life. 3 days away from an outlet – an excellent result.

To charge using a special stand in the shape of a cup. The procedure takes about an hour.

That’s great, no problems with synchronization. Supports leading mobile platforms – iOS and Android. You can use any device based on them. Proper application bundled companion.

Oura - tracker unusual activity in the form of rings

The program helps to view the collected data in a useful format – like graphics, for example.

A useful bonus from Aura ring – a constant connection is not necessary. Forgot your smartphone at home? No problem. Oura will keep statistics on the internal memory card.

The price of Aura ring is 250 US dollars. Admission pre-orders will start in July.

Source: gizmag

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