Silmee W20 and Silmee W21 - smart bracelet from Toshiba

Silmee W20 and Silmee W21 – smart bracelets from Toshiba

At Japan’s Toshiba’s own idea of wearable devices. It is reported that the company has introduced 2 new tracker smart bracelets activity.

Feature of new smart bracelets from Toshiba

They are made in the form of bracelets. The first gadget called Silmee W20, and the second Silmee W21. The principal difference between them. Just last model is considered to be the eldest and is equipped with GPS. Soup operate up to 14 days without charge.

Silmee W20 and Silmee W21 - smart bracelet from Toshiba

What products can? They are capable of controlling the heart rate, time to fix a meal, to measure the duration of phone calls, follow the diet and the quality of sleep of the owner.

Furthermore, there is a sensor of ultraviolet radiation, a pedometer and thermometer embedded aforementioned navigation module. More bracelets are able to send an SOS to your favorite numbers (using the “fix” the phone).

Among other things, Silmee W20 and Silmee W21 boast a robust design. Dust and water are not afraid – because of protection standard IPX7 / IPX5.

The release of smart bracelets are expected this autumn.

Source: pcworld

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