The designer showed a concept iPhone 5S with a 4.3-inch screen and iOS 7 [Video]

Last week there was a rumor according to which Apple could postpone the release of the new iPhone 5S in the autumn at a later date, perhaps – at the end of the year. It is claimed that such a decision due to the desire to equip the phone larger, 4.3-inch display.

According to the data presented, the next Apple smartphone can become the owner of Retina touch screen with a diagonal of 4.3 inches. Recall, the current iPhone 5 carries a touch screen, the size of which is 4 inches diagonally.

By the way, the relatively small size of the screen often “put the blame” the current generation iPhone when compared to the flagship devices on Android, diagonal of the display in which long ago reached 5 inches. Although most Apple insist that a 4-inch touchscreen is perfect in terms of usability and ergonomics of the device. However, perhaps even kupertinovtsy can not completely ignore the trends in modern mobile industry.

Created by designer Arab iMosa3da iPhone 5S concept suggests that Apple could easily enlarge the flagship smartphone to 4.3 inches, without sacrificing ergonomics. The device will retain the same form factor – an increase achieved through a thin frame around the display.

Screen resolution remained the same – 1136 x 640 pixels, that is, problems with games and applications will arise. The only thing – decreased density of pixels per inch from 325 to 303. However, as is known, the difference between the indices of more than 300 ppi is not perceived by the human eye.

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