Ultrabook Acer Aspire V7 Review


Under the general designation of Acer Aspire V7 hiding not just different hardware configurations of the same model, but different device form factors: 14-inch Acer Aspire V7-4xx and 15.6-inch Acer Aspire V7-5xx. And to finally settle the matter with the available variations of the ultrabook, note that you can choose the configuration with TN or IPS screen, with integrated or discrete graphics card, and in one of the four color options – black, gray, golden or red.


Came to us for testing medium-format 15.6-inch Ultrabook Acer Aspire V7-582P comes in a large, but relatively thin white cardboard box. The device is fixed inside using cardboard partitions complex shape for the power supply provided by a special department. Ultrabook configuration with integrated graphics equipped with a compact 65-watt power supply, while the version with discrete graphics cards come with a more powerful and therefore a massive 90-watt unit.

In addition to a typical set of documentation in the box you can also find a small adapter with a proprietary connector on a standard video D-sub. Do not quite understand the color choices for this accessory (he’s white, despite the fact that a color version of the Acer Aspire V7 does not exist), but this feature is not likely to upset even the aesthetes, because the adapter is connected to the “invisible” the back of the notebook.


Cover Ultrabook Acer Aspire V7 is fully decorated sheet metal with a faint horizontal texture a la machining with a stiff brush. Silver logo of the manufacturer shifted to the edge of the cover, and is not located in the center, as is usually done.

The base case is made of soft-touch plastic softtach, here you can find two of the four-speaker array, as well as several areas of perforation for the cooling system. Note also the hole to force a reload and extra fifth rubber foot that prevents bending podladonnoy panel.

The front face of the housing is completely free, and most of connectors are back. Here you can find an unfolding network port RJ45, connector USB 3.0, brand Acer Converter Port, which is needed to use the supplied adapter, standard HDMI video output jack and charger. Along the edges of the rear face of the body are the outlets of the cooling system, and the configuration with integrated graphics involved only one of them, while the second is reserved for an additional discrete graphics card heat sink.


On the right side plate handed a combined audio jack, card reader with plug and port USB 2.0, on the left – the second USB 2.0 port and inconspicuous button on the ultrabook. Optical drive is not, although in the product line of ultrabooks Acer has several 15.6-inch models with DVD-drives.


The touch screen Acer Aspire V7 made ​​under the scheme without skirting, in which the protective glass covers nearly the entire screen, including the matrix and its border. The upper border of the web can be detected with an indicator cell activity and at the bottom – metallic logo Acer.

ultrabook-acer-aspire-v7-review-raqwe.com-06ultrabook-acer-aspire-v7-review-raqwe.com-07ultrabook-acer-aspire-v7-review-raqwe.com-08For Acer Aspire V7 offers a choice of two types of touch screens: on the basis of a conventional TN + film with 1366 by 768 pixels or noticeably higher quality IPS-matrix with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. We were hit with the configuration screen of the first type is characterized by a small viewing angles and brightness adjustment range of 15 to 160 cd/m2.


The maximum angle of the display Acer Aspire V7 somewhat broader average, while mounting the display module uses two tiny hinges that are integrated into the characteristic thickening of the operating panel. Due to the fact that the display of the laptop slightly shorter body vapor activity indicators available both in the open and the lid closed. 


ultrabook-acer-aspire-v7-review-raqwe.com-11ultrabook-acer-aspire-v7-review-raqwe.com-12Operating panel ultrabook is almost completely finished metal with the same character processing as the outer side of the display. Island keyboard is placed in a barely noticeable deepening, it differs a dedicated number pad, a good decision block arrows and LED plug-in manually. 



Without dedicated touchpad buttons located in the center of the main character keyboard unit Acer Aspire V7. Just a huge by the standards of Windows-size notebook touchpad allows you to comfortably control the interface laptop even without the use of an external mouse.


The updated model Acer Aspire V7 is based on energy-efficient version of the Intel Haswell, in particular, can be used processors Core i3-4010U, Core i5-4200U or Core i7-4500U. Four gigabytes of RAM soldered on the motherboard, the remainder soDIMM slot you can install another module for 4 or 8 GB, increasing the amount of RAM to a maximum of 12 GB.

Configuration of the initial class of cost integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 4400, for the more expensive versions provided optional discrete graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M or 750M. As a data warehouse can be used for SSD 128 or 256 GB or more available hard disk drives with capacities from 320 GB to 1 TB. Ultrabook is equipped with modules Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n with support for WiDi (Wireless Display). 


The testing Ultrabook Acer Aspire V7-582P in the configuration of Intel Core i5-4200U / Intel HD Graphics 4400/8 GB RAM / 500 GB HDD following results were obtained in actual benchmarks. The battery life of the permanent four-section a capacity of 53 Wh battery was two and a half hours under full load, and more than seven hours in the emulation mode of reading.


During operation, the critical claims to the ultrabook Acer Aspire V7 arose. It is slim and relatively lightweight (2.2 kg), medium format ultrabook with a practical metal trim cover and operation panel and pleasant to the touch softtach plastic case basis. 


Removal of the bulk of the connectors on the rear panel – not the best solution, but in the hands of member still remains in audio ports, a card reader and a couple of commonly used USB-port on the side faces. A separate adapter with uniquely worse than the built-port D-sub, but sometimes it’s better to get at least a way to connect to the projector than not getting any. 


Backlit keyboard and a large touchpad Acer Aspire V7 done perfectly, these controls allow comfortable typing and control interface. Well, users who have grown accustomed to the Windows 8 tile shell will appreciate the touch screen that supports up to 10 simultaneous touches.

The results


As a result, Acer Aspire V7 – a balanced medium format ultrabook on the current platform, Intel Haswell, which boasts a practical metal casing, touch screen and ergonomic keypad with backlight. Pay attention to this model, if you look for a ultrabook with a large screen and a reasonable combination of performance / autonomy for predominantly stationary operation.


+ Slim body with metal finish and a plastic-softtach
+ Current hardware platform Intel Haswell
+ Touch screen with optional IPS-matrix with Full HD resolution
+ Availability of productive configurations with SSD and discrete NVIDIA video
+ Ergonomic backlit keyboard, large touchpad

Do not like it

– The connectors on the rear face

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