The sensors in the iPhone 5S work very badly

Since then , as the iPhone 5S went on sale, it took several weeks, and at the same time have accumulated quite a lot of complaints about the inadequate functioning of the internal sensors of the owners of vehicles. The guys from gizmodo decided to check it out in person and have come to the sad conclusion that it is not just talk. Everything is much worse.

They compared the performance of two iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 running iOS 7 with these devices that perform the same function as the sensors of smartphones. On the iPhone 5S tests were carried out in the applications developed by Apple, as it has been speculated that these programs are all calibrated precisely. They were wrong.


As you can see, the difference with the real instrument is 2 degrees, while some users have reported errors up to 4.6 degrees. iPhone 5 at the same time showed perfect results and measurements on iPhone 5S using iHandy Level again showed deviation of 2 degrees.

Why is this important? Because if you use the level of the iPhone during the repair or construction work, the results can be quite unexpected.


Everything is still. Standing on a completely flat surface car in the game Real Racing 3, immediately begins to turn to the left , while the same game on the iPhone 5 in the same version of the game behaves perfectly straight. It is clear – gyroscope using the same sensors that level , but with the addition of a single axis. When testers put both the iPhone on the level and align it, iPhone 5 shows the deviation of 0 degrees and 3 degrees in 5S.

Why is this important? Because in the game using the gyroscope control will turn into a sheer torture, and will deliver a lot of inconvenience.


Test the compass was a bit more complicated, because both phones were constantly changing values ​​in the range of 8-10 degrees, but on the iPhone 5 compass behaved a little calmer. In addition, the iPhone 5S app constantly freezes, that rectified only re- running it.

In general, none of the handsets showed exactly the same direction of the north pole that real compass. And although we do not think that you will get lost, leaving the subway, use a compass in iphone 5S in important cartographic measurements or on the high seas is not necessary.


Discrepancies also appeared in the test and built-in accelerometer . We do not think that it somehow can greatly affect your life, but considering how much attention Apple has paid co- processor M7 and its relationship with the internal sensors, maybe it will have some impact in the future.

So, what’s going on and how to fix it?

Judging by the fact that the guys found out gizmodo, the problem is more hardware than software. This is supported by the fact that the iPhone 5 sensors work perfectly , but the variation is different users iPhone 5S indicates a flaw inside of the phone.

What will Apple? It is unlikely that Cupertino will make a decision on the return of millions of devices. Most likely will be released an update to iOS, which will be made by adjustments for variations or how to calibrate the sensors. And on the production lines will be carried out internal investigations to determine the cause of marriage.

In any case, the worry is only for those who play a lot of time on the phone or using the sensors in their professional activities.

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