Smartphones of the future: cheap and powerful

Nothing lasts forever, neither the title of chief innovator behind the scenes assigned to the … their loyal fans, nor popular Galaxy series and staggering profits created their company – the future for smartphones middle segment. Why is this happening and who is willing to subscribe to these words – details under the cut.

Why pay more

Direct correlation between the parameters of the “price” and “quality” was broken with the advent line Moto. Holding the hands of X and G, smart people realized that no no catch: the device from Motorola is really nice and allow to get more features for less money (especially budget model). Add to this the ability to purchase replacement panels of all colors (including with protective cover) and regular updates (the eternal problem of the budget “androidofonov”) and it becomes clear why G at a price of $ 200 was the most successful smartphone had joined the Lenovo brand. And not so long ago at the MWC Senior Vice President Rick Osterloh (Rick Osterloh) said that the days of smartphones for $ 650 numbered. Motorola focuses on inexpensive devices.

What now?

Focus on the “middling” and the great Android-world: for one winter only appeared on the market Sony Xperia M2 and T2, LG G 2 Mini and L70/90, and the family of HTC Desire . Taiwanese seriously hoping for good sales, especially in China, where their flagship device (of the economy) – Desire 816 – will be sold for just $ 293 (1,299 yuan). It is noteworthy that in the price range of 200-350 U.S. banknotes new items now appear with a display diagonal of 4.5-5 inches, although a year ago, the optimal value for the screen gadget with affordable price was only 4-4.3.

What’s next?

On stage is not enough of another long-awaited party “best talent.” Yes, we are again on OnePlus One, which is referred to as UFO: no one saw, but still have high hopes for his appearance. Cyanogenmod-phone with a great name “First” (not to be confused with the creation of HTC) will be available at a cost of less than $ 400 at a top stuffing .

And quoting representatives startup “if all goes well – One becomes a killer smartphones in 2014.” Chance for the veracity of such statements is: in this case the mechanism of reduction of prices on flagships finally earn all the gears, and we, economical and practical fans Android, only gain.

If you are wondering what in the section on OnePlus One makes Xperia Z1, announce that hides beneath and 5.5-inch “revolutionary.”

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