64-bit processors for Android: the new reality


When Apple introduced the autumn 2013 iPhone 5s A7 processor with 64-bit architecture, the appearance of similar microchips from other manufacturers was a matter of time. No, not because only kupertinovtsy and ask tech trends. Most likely, the problem component suppliers for Android-based smartphones is to “accept the challenge” to prove that they are a force to create quality products. For Google, for Android! So, what’s up with 64 bits?

Next year could be for 32-bit devices Android-last, and the transition to the new architecture processors will take place at the appropriate time, as opposed to forcing events Apple. Meet the amazing future:



Koreans were among the first who looked presentation iPhone 5s, said their smart phones in the future will have similar processors. However, the expected S5 despite all received only 801 Snapdragon. In Barcelona at MWC company representatives said they did not intend to keep up with the evolution of mobile devices and are planning to introduce its own work with 64-bit kernels already this year. The question of when it will happen this momentous event, Samsung representatives told reporters CNET: «As soon as the operating system will move to 64 bits.”


To compete with Apple and ready to make A7 MT6732 from MediaTek. It would seem that in the 4 cores clocked at 1.5 GHz, even with the new graphics chip Mali-T760, nothing outstanding, but the novelty differs from competitors attractive price. The processor has support LTE, recording Full-HD video in 30fps, as it should be the “heart” of today’s mobile devices, but the release MT6732 place only in the third quarter of 2014, so even the lowest (relative) price will not attract attention to the new MT, when opponents say their already weighty “64-bit” word.



In a club called “64-bit” comes and Intel. Details and even the name of the new processors remain secret: there are code names and Merrifield Bay Trail. Presumably, the first Android-phones with chips from the U.S. company will go on sale at the end of the second quarter of 2014. We should expect the release in devaysakh Lenovo and Asus, which Intel signed an agreement.



The American company not so long ago (at CES, to be precise) presented its new creation – the processor Tegra K1, which has not yet managed to earn positive or negative reviews. But apparently 4-K1-based core Cortex-A15 will not favorite Nvidia in the near future, this specification employs space K1 2 core 3 GHz, 64-bit architecture.

Processor, which is not officially announced, declared himself not with words but with deeds – by typing in Antutu 43,617 points, which is only a couple of hundred less than the original K1, and, of course, much more than Snapdragon 801/805. It remains only to see the implementation of a novice in the finished product.



But the most dangerous competitor for the A7 (and future processors Apple), of course, will be the new Snapdragon. Chip with serial number 615 is designed for smartphones premium 8 cores on a 64-bit architecture with the ability to render ARMv8 video 4K resolution claiming to provide the title of the fastest Snapdragon processor for mobile devices. And preparing to release a simplified version – 610 with 4 cores. It is noteworthy that in the recent past by representatives of Qualcomm saw no need to use multi-core processors, and in the fourth quarter of 2014 we are waiting for 610 and 615 in action.

Forward to the future!

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