Overview of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

overview-smartphone-samsung-galaxy-ace-3-raqwe.com-01 The official start of sales of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 started at the end of last month. According to the Hotline for this short period of time the average price fell to 200 hryvnia, and now stands at 2,000 hryvnia. For this amount the user gets a 4-inch TFT-LCD with a resolution of 800×480 pixels, 5 megapixel primary and 0.3 MP front camera, dual-core 1 GHz processor, a battery capacity of 1500 mAh, two slots for SIM and Android 4.2. Performance is not the most outstanding, but Samsung smartphones medium and low price range are renowned for others, the maximum use of opportunities provided by the hardware. There was an exception and Samsung Galaxy Ace 3.

Design and ergonomics

Due to the small dimensions of a smartphone easy to use with one hand. The front part of the body is covered with tempered glass on the top and bottom of which make a hole under the metal mesh and mechanical dynamics of the Home key, respectively. To the left of the speaker is the proximity sensor and the front camera. Under the speaker – the manufacturer’s logo and the words DUOS. On either side of the key “Home” are touch “Menu” and “Back”. You can find them only when the backlight. In sleep mode, the keys are not visible. 


Along the perimeter of the body takes place under the silvery metal insert. On the side of the body are the hardware volume buttons and the power / lock, and at the ends of the headphone jack, the recess to remove the back cover, USB-connector and the microphone hole. Side keys protrude above the hull is so that they can be easily detected blindly, but it does not spoil the look of your device. 


The back of the smartphone is covered by a removable panel of thin plastic with a pattern similar to smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note II. In the upper part you can see the two slots under the speaker, the speaker module and LED flash camera, and underneath the inscription Samsung. After removing the panel, allows access to a slot for memory cards and SIM1. To insert or remove the SIM-card in the second slot, you need to remove the battery (1500 mAh).


The build quality and fit of parts is traditionally high. Play and scratches do not appear even at high compression of the body.

The operating system and shell

The smartphone runs on the operating system of Android 4.2.2 with TouchWiz proprietary shell and with the exception of work in landscape mode, repeats recently discussed the possibility of Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8, including this respect the principle of cooperation between the two SIM-cards. Acquainted with the features of the software on the smartphone Samsung Android 4.2 can be in the following materials: a review of Samsung TouchWiz, Samsung Premium Suite and Samsung Galaxy S4, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8.

Hardware Platform

As the hardware platform used by decision Broadcom BCM21654G – this is a single-chip system, made on 40-nanometer process technology, which includes two processor cores Cortex-A9 processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, the graphics core VideoCore IV, 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage, of available for the user 1.2 GB.

With video files in HD smartphone copes easily, but for Full HD-video will have to resort to using third-party applications. Playing Full HD-video with MX Player is only possible with software decoding. Under such a regime, while the smartphone is significantly reduced. In any case, it is unlikely that someone of the users have a desire to watch the video in this capacity on a smartphone with a screen resolution of 800×480 pixels.

Playing a Video

Processors Broadcom never had an outstanding performance, as opposed to autonomy. It is true in the case of Galaxy Ace 3 is not about the outstanding performance of autonomy, and just about good results. For example in Antutu Tester smartphone scored 655 points, that is, at maximum load, you can expect to 4:00 29 minutes of operation. In operation, when the functionality of the device used by the user is rational, that is, without a permanent job GPS, watching video or listening to music, you can count on three days, with 20-30 minutes of calls a day and automatically sync two accounts on WiFi. 


To listen to the music we used a standard player, the volume on the value of 12 out of 15, the MP3 files with a bitrate of 320 Kbis / s. In the read mode disables all wireless communications, including data transmission in a mobile network, and the display brightness set to 50%. Navigation includes a route in Google Navigation app. Brightness exhibited 50%, all data communication modules disabled. When playing a video display brightness set to 50%, the volume level on level 12 of a possible 15. A video file format MKV, resolution 1024h432 points, frame 24. When playing video from Youtube display brightness set to 50%, the volume level at 12 out of 15 possible levels.


All phone functions: user-friendliness dial T9 support, as in Latin and Cyrillic, work with two SIM-cards, volume and voice quality, work perfectly well. The earpiece is loud enough for any environment, in addition to the latest version of TouchWiz added a separate enhancement of this parameter, but without it you are not likely to complain about poor audibility. The volume of multimedia speakers and vybrovyzova average. The volume level is high.

Satellite search takes a few seconds, during which time the smartphone detects about 20 GPS-satellites, including GLONASS. With the acquisition of WiFi-signal is also no difficulty.

Display and Camera

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 has a 4-inch TFT-LCD with a resolution of 800×480 pixels (233 PPI). Feels like, the type of matrix PLS, because the colors are not inverted at large viewing angles, and do not lose their intensity. Restrict the viewing angles only air gap between the display and the glass matrix.


Indicators display brightness Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 are in the range of 15.4 cd / m ², up to 370 cd / m ². Value of 50% brightness correspond to 162 cd / m ². You can only adjust the brightness manually, the light sensor is missing.


Factory calibrated display device gives it a low price range. The color gamut is slightly greater than the value of sRGB, which is not bad, but the values ​​of temperature and gamma curve shows that the image is overexposed, then goes cold tone.


Opportunities 5 MP, and 0.3 MP camera smartphone average. The aperture of the main camera f/2.6, the maximum resolution of the recorded video – 1280×720 pixels at 30 frames / s, mono and bit rate 12 Mbit / s. Best of all are the camera macro photography. Pictures of landscapes spoils the lack of sharpness. In general, if not to make 5 megapixel camera specific requirements, you are unlikely to be disappointed.

The results


Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 – a compact smartphone with a 4-inch screen, 5 MP camera HD-video recording, dual SIM capable of operating in the active mode, a good autonomy, the current version of the operating system and the wide possibilities offered by proprietary shell Samsung TouchWiz.


+ Dimensions
+ Ergonomics
+ Build Quality
+ Support for two SIM-cards
+ Active mode SIM-cards
+ The latest version of the OS and proprietary TouchWiz shell
+ Quick Find GPS-satellites
+ The volume of the headphones

Do not like it

– No light sensor
– Poor performance system-on-a-chip

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