SmartChutes a new "smart" parachute for drones

SmartChutes a new “smart” parachute for drones

SmartChutes a new "smart" parachute for drones

Drones – it’s great. While they are in the air. However, sometimes there are troubles and drones fall. Not the most joyful experience – break model worth several hundred dollars. So let’s look at the new invention from the team SmartChutes.

Is there a way to avoid trouble? Yes. He came up with an American named Michael Peak, who lives in Nashville. Enthusiast developed SmartChutes a system for small UAVs. Let’s look at the features of the new invention SmartChutes.

Features of the SmartChutes

NEW operates as follows: it automatically detects that the aircraft crashes and reveals 91-inch parachute. This allows us to implement a “soft” landing.

SmartChutes a new "smart" parachute for drones

For the analysis of the situation meet special sensors. They fix the slope of over 90 degrees, the loss of traction, as well as other signs of disaster.

Important note: SmartChutes operates autonomously. 113-gram unit is equipped with its own battery – it does not need a UAV battery (with the consequent increase in reliability).

Conclusion of the SmartChutes

The new invention allows SmartChutes remain undamaged during the fall. And it’s simple, but a good idea for the realization of sales for your drones. Now the inventor is looking for funds for the mass production of the prototype. Price pre-order on Kickstarter – 130 US dollars. After the release of the price will rise to 160 USD.

Source: Gizmag

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