System for air traffic control will use drones in the sky

System for air traffic control will use drones in the sky

System for air traffic control will use drones in the sky

In a light of recent developments in the field of legal regulation of commercial use of drones, NASA and Space Company Exelis teamed up to develop a prototype system for air traffic control.

Last month, the Department of FAA presented a proposed set of recommendations for the commercial use of drones. Although at most those intentions were hot acclaimed in society were some moments that made “fall from heaven to earth.” Namely, if someone does not remember, it was forbidden to use drones outside their physical appearances. That is, be started only in open country spaces within a radius of 300 meters from the control BPPLA.

Reuters reports that for the past six months, the company has developed Exelis tracking system for drones, which could make the task manageable control of drones that fly outside of the designated area. Including binary system UAS-Vue & RangeVue, which aims to improve the standards of safety during the flight drones.

In Exelis have interest in other companies working on similar solutions because it already provides FAA data that will be used to pilot the machine during follow them to their goal.

On the prototype, which is expected to be officially unveiled later this month, the agency NASA will take patronage and finalize it before that, they hope, will be ready for release on the market of the product. It is expected that the system will be approved by the FAA and will be in demand among customers, which Hoth whether to optimize the performance of their companies. Amazon, Google, Alibaba and a number of new companies such as (Flirtey, Bizzby, etc.) Have already expressed their intention to use drones for delivery.

Source: Gizmag

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