“Dead Defence” or how to deal with the invaders

As you know, most of the games today, despite their huge size, can perform the same action. The most common among them easily fit into a small list. This, of course, the ability to shoot, hone the strategies, and neither more nor less, save the world from destruction. Our today’s hero is unique because combines all of these qualities. Meet, «Dead Defence»!

Version: 1.0

Technical requirements: iOS 4.3 or later

Category: Games

Cost: Free

«Dead Defence», as you correctly the logic goes, is the strategy genre tower defence. Similar games in the app store is not that much, but if you did meet one of them – be sure to buy unlikely to regret. And if this is our today’s hero? Let’s deal.

According to the unofficial canon, the story of the game is to start with the story. A few months earlier, the vast majority of the inhabitants of our planet has been infected by a virus of unknown origin. In the case of the strong resistance of the organism advancing death, while people with weak immune systems turned into mindless flesh-eaters. Attempts to stop the infection of scientists were in vain, moreover, led to the search for an antidote to the next outbreak of infection, which significantly reduced the number of people. Naturally, there were also those who survived. The surviving humans huddle in the so-called conclaves – protected databases, which are the last bastion of humanity. But they do not escape from the crazed zombies, feelings are due to prolonged starvation aggravated to the limit.

You take on the role of the leader of mankind, and a part-time, as you call it, Commander. Your goal – thanks to the remarkable capacity of the Strategy, to destroy the threat and save the world from ultimate destruction. the gameplay in these games, I would suppose you are already familiar. We have a huge amount of weapons that should be improved, as well as the myriad of monsters, which you need to destroy these weapons. Enemies have different abilities, the presence of which you are unlikely to be happy. For example, some zombies after death, be released by his successors who continue to diligently crawl to your base, and spiders, by the way, quickly regenerate their limbs, which significantly reduces your chances of their “kill.” Zombies move in certain paths, which is further evidence that in the recent past, many of them were in high school. If we consider the fact that some monsters can set them decently cut away, then inevitably you begin to wonder about the level of the passing game.

Adjusting the latter, in the usual form for many, is absent here. No beginners, amateurs or professionals. All are equal. The only thing that indicates the level of challenges that you will face in this mission is a success ratio operation.

The above distinction is hardly alone among those which can be found in «Dead Defence». So, the game has three types of indicators that are worth paying attention periodically: the energy level of protection and crystals. Energy is used for the construction and improvement of tools, and is rewarded for eliminating enemy units. The level of protection describes how long will your conclave. Accordingly, every missed zombies protecting the building will fall. The crystals are also needed in order to use all sorts of useful bonuses, among which it is worth mentioning the airstrike, slowing enemy units and repair base. missions, along with the usual stars, we get points surveys necessary for the discovery of new and upgrade of already available tools. By the way to unlock new weapons, have pretty sweat. Collect the right amount of money is not enough, in addition to increasing the level of the main base and deal with specific missions.

Crystals and glasses of research you can buy for real money. If you belong to a fierce enemies in-game purchases – do not rush to get upset. With proper tenacity and desire of each and every mission in the game, you can go for free.

The alignment occurs by means of tools of Taps in strictly designated areas. Put a fire tower in the wrong place? Do not despair – the developers have not forgotten about the ability to sell an unnecessary tool. Have not been forgotten and also some strategic cunning. For example, the range of the guns is markedly increased if you put them on the roof of the conclave.

Military action will take place in Namibia, Georgia, Hungary, Mexico, Canada, France and even Russia.

Trump card game, of course, is the graphics. To say that it is realistic – you did not say anything. The developers managed to perfectly capture the atmosphere of the world, which is on the brink of destruction. Rust cars, destroyed buildings, the remains of defenses, and more literally makes you plunge into the harsh reality of the future.

So, it is time to draw conclusions. «Dead Defence» – a game that definitely deserves your attention. Unobtrusive sound, great graphics and a huge number of zombies, which must be stopped in the name of saving the planet. A most enjoyable moment is that the game is absolutely free.

Immerse yourself in the salvation of humanity right now and remember – its fate is in your hands.


  • quality graphics
  • nice music
  • a huge number of missions
  • quick navigation menu

In-game purchase: there

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