Siri out of beta status two years after release

Apple introduced a virtual assistant Siri back in 2011 during the announcement of the iPhone 4S , but the functionality of the service was questionable. Supports only three languages ​​at launch (English, French and German), too robotic voice, flaws in the work – all of this was justified by the status of Beta. In 2012, there is support for new languages, including Japanese, plus a greatly enhanced product features. In 2013, the service has lost the status of Beta, that is, Apple has confidence in him one hundred percent. 

 In particular, at the end of last week the company without much fuss has updated the official page of Siri , removing all references to the beta status of the service. In addition, Apple has removed a page of frequently asked questions (cache Google). On the part of the reason may be enough popularity and stability of the service, they say, there is no need for further explanation. 

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