New Headset Samsung Level U Review

New Headset Samsung Level U Review

At IFA in Berlin, Samsung introduced a new wireless headset Samsung Level U, which should be some work on the bugs in relation to the predecessor Gear Circle. Browse the latest you can find on our site. According to the canons of the gadget, the new product has to leave with them all the best of the previous version and incorporate new quality. Will it? Let’s see.

Equipment Samsung Level U

The box is made of cardboard and has an inflated shape to demonstrate the greatness and importance of the product for the company. It is flat, without any frills. The very simple device laid on a plastic form that has pockets for extra nozzles of different sizes, charging cable and user manual. Despite the fact that the headset is made in white, the complete black wire that makes the inner perfectionist disappointed shake his head. Nothing interesting here anymore, so let’s take a closer look at our hero.

Design Headset Samsung Level U

I do not wonder at the door started to compare this gadget with headphones Gear Circle, because they have almost the same appearance and form. Well, about the look I got excited a little bit, because if you examine it closely, you will notice some details that differ from the older brother.

New Headset Samsung Level U Review

For starters, you can highlight the absence of a plastic rim, which was in three sizes Gear Circle. Here design has silicone inserts that prevent damage to the whole headset, if you, for example, someone has too much to embrace public transport in the rush hour. Secondly, darling made of plastic, which are more likely to lose presentable during operation.

All because of the Soft-Touch coating on the outside of the rim, because the coating is hardly durable.

The third significant structural change was the decision to remove all the buttons with headphone and make them more like it on the headphones, rather than the upturned ears elf. This decision has added 100 to the convenience and now they really suit anyone. The wires in the new headset now have the form of noodles and a special locking fixed cushion.

All the buttons are moved to the tip of the right flavor. Here, a standard call answer button and volume control was added. They have a couple of complaints: first, they are quite hard and tightly pressed; Second, if you’re humble and hide under the collar darling, then click on the response to the call to the touch, it will be for you to test the sharpness of touch.

At the edge of the left is the main darling Elementary microphone. The quality of the transmitted voice any strong criticism did not cause.

During the inspection of the gadget, I found an interesting thing: the body is only one, and that discreet inscription Samsung bottom left darling. Typically, the company has its own brand wherever possible, and there are so neat.

On the back of the Samsung Level U is a basic element of power and control. Bottom switch is more similar to the Hold usual players, but here it is used to turn on and off the gadget. Also back are two small holes: the right for the indicator light, left – an additional microphone for noise reduction. Above the entrance is hidden under a flap for Micro USB charging built-in battery.

The sound and using Samsung Level U

The thing is that Samsung engineers decided to sacrifice sound quality for the sake of eye-catching design and the allocation of the crowd. Of course, we can not say that the sound of their “terrible and the general developers listened to when they were made,” no. In fact, they sound better than any package for the flagship in-ear monitor.

New Headset Samsung Level U Review

The only snag is that these – not complete. They are sold separately and are completely in the title marking Level, ie belong to the product line, focus on sound quality. Well, the family black sheep wormed.

The sound Samsung Level U is based on the 12-mm speakers and inherently somewhat dull, without any distinct frequencies. In instrumental music, drum barrel is lost for the deafening clatter of plates. Vocals displayed closer so that the words of any song can be easily dismantled. I would not recommend them to listen to rock, especially heavy. Believe me, the pleasure of listening to your favorite guitar riffs, you will not get.

The most suitable genre here, in my opinion – Pop, Hip-Hop, R`n`B, Lounge. So they are perfect for listening to podcasts or radio.

Headphones Samsung Level U themselves are made of plastic pretty good quality, but included are three different sizes of silicone tips. Ear pads are good, they have no complaints. In-ear, they sit down easily and at long wearing strong discomfort is not felt (though unobtrusive yet there).

In form they resemble Earpods from “little-known” apple company, however, in my opinion, won the Korean comfort here.

The beauty is that they fit any ear, and the larger you choose the nozzle, the better you get soundproofing. The edges are present at the headphones magnets that do not allow them to hang out when walking or running. This idea of the magnets used in accordance with the previous generation headset and, admittedly, very well.

I would not recommend their use in sporting activities.

We observed a significant wires microphone effect (when you hear through the music, the wire rubbing against clothes when driving). And with strong physical activity is likely that one of them will drop out of your ear. In this regard, Gear Circle situation was even worse. They suffered from a relatively high weight of each “eye”.

As for insulation, then here it is not better than the other.

In the subway and other very noisy environments, the headset Samsung Level U is useless, despite the proprietary system of active noise and echo cancelation. It works well on the streets, but from the sound of a passing truck, it will not save.

As I said earlier, is a wireless headset that connected with a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. Also declared support codec apt-X, SBC and company Samsung HD Voice.

New Headset Samsung Level U Review

Unlike Gear Circle, there is a stable constant interruption of the music, almost every track. The same situation is with the conversation.

At first it did not pay attention, but then it starts to quietly strain. What is amazing, filled you darling under the collar or not, the quality of communication on the other side of the conversation, is not affected.

The advantages also include the support of two devices simultaneously. The first paired device will be the primary.

Built-in battery lets you use the headphones up to 500 hours of standby time and up to 10 hours music, and about 11 hours of conversation. In normal use (listening to music on the way to work and be used as a hands-free), they will last for 3-4 days. Charging takes approximately 1.5-2 hours.

What we have in the end: a new headset, which in many ways is superior to the older brother – Samsung Gear Circle. The sound quality is not much, but better. Head and shoulders above the appearance and ease of handling of the gadget. By cons include unstable Bluetooth-connection, which puts the whole idea of a wireless headset in question.

For owners of smartphones Samsung, headset disclosed in a completely different light. It is no longer just a device for listening to music and talking and turns into a kind of “smart headphones”. Let me explain.

New Headset Samsung Level U Review

The official Samsung application store, you can download the application specifically for our hero, it is unpretentious called Samsung Level U. It works as well for the model Gear Circle. Its essence is that it adds a functional headset, such as the move to convert text to speech and read notifications and messages aloud. You can choose the applications and notifications you want to hear.

Also available for the sound vibrations change scenarios and more. There is voice control, for example, when an incoming call, you can say “answer” or “reject.” Unfortunately, we were not able to fully enjoy all the pleasures of ownership Samsung smartphones in conjunction with this headset, but rave reviews from online stores speak for themselves.

Results Samsung Level U

For all my criticism, I liked the headset Samsung Level U. Of course, for the price and it could sound better, losing interrupts while playing and during the conversation, but, nevertheless, it is qualitatively gathered, highly specialized product. It is suitable for those who want to stand out, who are the important comfort and who just likes interesting eye-catching gadgets. The price of Samsung Level U is almost $ 70.

Accessory Available in four colors Samsung Level U: metallic blue, dark blue, gold and white. Each color for its own good, so there is plenty to choose from.

Source: Samsungdigitaltrends

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    There s nothing worse than prepping for a jog only to find your earbuds in a tangled mess. Sure, straightening out the spaghetti isn t too strenuous a chore, but it never ceases to annoy. That s probably why the Bluetooth audio market is booming, and subsequently the reason Samsung introduced the wraparound, wireless Level U headset.


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