“Electronic tattoo” will measure the temperature of blood

electronic-tattoo-measure-temperature-blood-raqwe.com-01 John Rogers (John Rogers) and his team of researchers from the University of Illinois (University of Illinois) for quite a long time been developing ultrathin and flexible electronics that can interact with the human body. During the interview with the resource The Verge , he said that these devices are so thin that they are often referred to as electronic tattoos. 

The last device, developed by a team of researchers, equipped with a super-sensitive thermometer that in functionality is not inferior to the thermal infrared camera valued at $ 250,000. Thus the cost of the components of a cheap thermometer.

According to Rogers, this wearable thermometer is much more efficient in comparison with the camera, because it has direct contact with the skin. It can not only tell you exactly how the heat is transferred through blood, but also to accurately measure the temperature in the constriction and dilation of blood vessels.

“It can provide very important information about cardiovascular disease,” – said John Rogers.

electronic-tattoo-measure-temperature-blood-raqwe.com-02 This device has been described in detail in the scientific journal Nature and is a little gilt bar code with sticking up vines. Device is applied to the skin with a water-soluble glue. 

At the moment there are two versions that work in different ways, but both provide the same result – they can accurately determine the temperature of the blood at several points or affect the skin by means of heat pulses to study her reaction.

In the near future, the researchers plan to implement sensors in support of wireless charging, since the current version is still dependent on external power. The team is also developing similar sensors that can be applied in other areas.

“There are many other places on the body where you can carry out similar measurements of vital signs. The apparatus can be taken in the internal organs, for example, on the inner wall of the heart. The skin is just a starting point, “- said John Rogers.

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