In the Box will feature work with documents – Box Notes

It was learned that the cloud file storage service Box intends to expand the range of services provided by the user. In addition to file storage and organization of general access to them, in a short time, users will be able to create and edit documents.

Thus, the status of the closed beta service launched Box Notes. So far, it only works through a web interface, but in the future we should expect, and mobile applications. At the current stage of development of the project Box Notes offers only basic functionality. The user has the ability to format text, add notes. It also supports simultaneous collaboration with the document. In the left-hand side of the screen displays icons with the image of other users who indicate on what fragments of the text they are working on. This is known Note Heads. Information about the timing of the full release Box Notes for all interested users are still unknown.

According to available information, Box does not plan to implement the ability to create spreadsheets and presentations. According to Project Box Notes Shilleysa Sam (Sam Schillace), Excel is a fairly specialized and firmly entrenched among financial professionals a platform, and PowerPoint – very prosperous undertaking product. It should be noted Sam Shilleys is the developer of cloud tool for document Writely, which later became the basis for Google Docs. Sam Shilleys moved to the Box about a year ago.

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