As the mobile YouTube feature will be implemented offline viewing

In the near future in the YouTube comes very serious change, that is, will be able to download content for offline viewing, although the function will only be available in the mobile customer service. That is, you can download movies to your smartphone or tablet and watch them on the road when you are not connected to the web. Although it is not so simple.

Journalists AllThingsD got hold of a letter largest YouTube partners, which reveals some aspects of the new function. In particular, it is loaded in mobile YouTube content is available for 48 hours without being connected to the web. As soon as there is an Internet connection, this period is automatically extended. Advertising in the videos will remain even in the off-line viewing, however, it will appear only if the built-in flow.

Enjoy YouTube videos without having to connect to the Internet will be starting in November of this year. Although there has long been a third-party mobile clients YouTube, allow you to download videos for offline viewing (McTube for iOS, for example).

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Look a video from russian roads:

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