Set Kano allow easily accessible to collect based PC Raspberry Pi

SBC Raspberry Pi still represents the most affordable solution for novice programmers. Not so long ago on the Kickstarter campaign was launched to raise funds for set-based Raspberry Pi, developed MAP Project Office and Kano, which allows on its own in a short period of time to collect a full PC. The entire assembly process can be compared to the construction of various shapes designer LEGO.

In addition to the set of single-board computer Raspberry Pi (Model B) includes an SD memory card with pre-installed Kano OS based on Debian Linux and visual programming language with a web interface Kano Blocks, housing board, consisting of two parts, homemade speaker, wireless keyboard with built-in touchpad, HDMI cables and Mini-USB, manual, stickers and several module Wi-Fi.

Developer notes that Kano set is ideal for creating simple games (for example, Pong or Snake), writing music or video decoding HD. Visual programming language with a web interface Kano Blocks, the creation of which was inspired analogue developers – Google Blockly, in turn, makes it easy to create games using the graphical blocks that are subsequently compiled into a Python code or Javascript. Notes that programmed using Kano Blocks can even children.

The following video filmed the build mini PC Kano.

Online Kano set worth $ 99 will be available in summer 2014. It is worth noting that during the first week on Kickstarter developers managed to collect almost seven times more planned amount of $ 100,000.

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