Bloomberg: Intel is going to sell online TV service for $ 500 million

People have not been able to experience the benefits of Internet TV platform OnCue, but it seems that this does not prevent the company from Intel can profitably sell it to another company.

If you believe the news agency Bloomberg , the processor giant intends to sell TV platform of its own design for the $ 500 million According to the source, at the moment, Intel has not only necessary for the service console of its own design, but also the necessary software through which potential subscribers could get ability to transfer content via smartphones and tablets. But it seems that the processor giant ambitions did not match the capabilities, and Intel decided to give up the dream to compete with cable service providers.

We have previously reported that the service’s online TV Intel need help Samsung or Amazon . It seems that neither one nor the other did not want to help the processor giant.

The list of potential buyers Bloomberg calls U.S. company Verizon Communications, the South Korean giant Samsung, one of the largest international cable company Liberty Group.

It should be noted that after coming to power project Brian Krzhanicha Internet TV OnCue receded into the background. Recently described the current CEO OnCue as “distraction”, which can not dwell. Instead, he threw all their forces to promote Intel’s mobile field. If you believe him , closer to New Year’s holidays go on sale available plates cost $ 99, laptops priced at $ 299, and the device format “2 in 1” with a price tag of $ 349, based on the base CPU Intel Haswell and Bay Trail.

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