Columns DALI Rubicon 5 review: Bright Star Rubicon

Columns DALI Rubicon 5 review: Bright Star Rubicon

Columns DALI Rubicon 5 review: Bright Star Rubicon

Company DALI – a master at creating nice speakers, and 5 new Rubicon become another decoration of its catalog. Even if these floor standing speakers are not perfect, their spectacular sound impossible not to admire.

DALI company is doing everything in its own way. At Rubicon 5 seems to be the usual 2.5-way design, but not so simple: “extra” half serves not the usual additional woofer and one tweeter. Second, ribbon tweeter dimensions 1,7 × 4,5 cm takes the baton from the conventional dome, starting with the 14 kHz; together they provide a broad angular radiation pattern at the highest frequencies and increase the detail of the sound.

During the mid and bass meets 16.5-inch speaker, loaded on to the rear bass reflex port. Corporate diffuser made of paper, wood fiber reinforced combines light weight, stiffness, and high damping capacity.

Rubicon 5 are of high quality but weighs a little less than we expected. Glossy white finish of our test sample looks very impressive and carries his conscientiously. There are also other options: gloss black, mahogany, and walnut.

Workmanship and finish are impressive; it is evident that the company did a great job on them. Accommodation will not cause problems: let Rubicon 5 more room to breathe and put them directly, without turning to the listener. This situation is preferred due to the wide angle radiation pattern of the speakers.

Once installed, they play just fine. They have a very live sound and smooth dynamics; their energetic approach is very good for playing Bruce Springsteen Radio Nowhere, even at high volume.

Contagious drive combined with a rare vigor. Despite some redundancy, bass quite mobile, so as not to “slow down” sound. A good overall detail makes it easy to trace the party any instrument, even in the most difficult passages. We like the Rubicon treated with voices; Springsteen’s vocal delights study of texture and nuance.

“Romeo and Juliet” by Prokofiev can demonstrate excellent stereo image DALI – a broad, multi-layered and focused. If the other components of your system as well talented, Rubicon 5 will not disappoint you.

If we talk about the shortcomings, one of them can be attributed not the most outstanding tonal purity; besides a strong competitor exceeds DALI transparency. However, these shortcomings are not so large as to seriously disappoint us.

In this price range are many strong competitors; models Splendor, ProAc and PMC set the highest standards. However, Rubicon 5 deserve careful listening. Selecting them, then you will not regret.

Price: $ 2520

Rating: 4

PROS: Quick and agile sound; enviable enthusiasm; weighty and convincing bass; design

CONS: Not the smoothest tonal balance; many high-end rivals

VERDICT: It is a good speaker, but not the best in its class

Source: Dali-Speakers

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