Hardkernel Odroid-C1 +: single board computer for $ 37

Hardkernel Odroid-C1 +: single board computer for $ 37

The good news for independent developers and enthusiasts. Market SBC is not limited to Raspberry Pi.

Feature of single board computer

For those who love a variety of new items, should look at the Odroid-C1 +. The 40-gram platform created by Hardkernel. Product price of single board computer is 37 dollars.

The dimensions is 85 to 56 mm. Given the amount and good performance – an interesting device.

Established system for 4-core chip Amlogic S805 with a maximum clock frequency of 1.5 GHz. As for memory, 1 GB of RAM types DDR3. In the role of storage, it is proposed to use a microSD card up to 64 GB.

Hardkernel Odroid-C1 +: single board computer for $ 37

Responsible for processing graphics accelerator ARM Mali-450 MP2. The controller is able to work with the OpenGL ES 2.0 / 1.1.

What interfaces are available on board? ADC, SPI, UART, I2C, and GPIO. All that is required inventor. In addition, there are Gigabit Ethernet, full-sized HDMI, one Micro-USB, and four ports USB 2.0.

Do we need a good sound single board computer? You can purchase an add-HiFi.

Source: cnx-software

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