BATBAND - unique headphone with bone conduction technology

BATBAND – unique headphone with bone conduction technology

On Kickstarter interesting projects continue to emerge. Launched action in support of the unique headphone BATBAND. Accessory quite interesting: it is a wireless and traditional speakers had not.

Feature of the new unique headphone from BATBAND

Sound waves are generated at a specific frequency and transmitted to the inner ear. Moreover, it is an unusual way – via bone conduction.

BATBAND - unique headphone with bone conduction technology

The main advantage of this design – there is no insulation from the outside world. Owner  unique headphone BATBAND hear everything that happens around. This allows you to communicate and move around with heavy traffic (while continuing to enjoy your favorite music).

Synchronization signal sources occur Bluetooth (not less than 2.1). There is a built-in microphone – for a hands-free organization. The operation is simple gestures of the body. As for the frequency range, it is 300-19000 Hz.

Now about the battery life. The creators promise to 6 hours of music playback and up to 8 hours of talk time. In the role of a power supply using 2 battery capacity of 300 mAh. To recharge the port has micro USB.

The release of the unique headphone is expected in April next year. Pre-order price – from $ 149.

Source: kickstarter

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