Best budget Lenovo tablet IdeaTab 2 A7-30F 

Best budget Lenovo tablet IdeaTab 2 A7-30F 

If you are in search of a nice inexpensive tablet – look toward the product from Lenovo. Sure, you will like what he saw, because to date, the brand produces a huge amount of high-quality models for every taste and budget. In an effort to keep pace with the times, Chinese engineers delight their customers best budget Lenovo tablet PCs with module 3G, which keeps you connected even outside the range of other wireless networks.

If you are having this function also plays an important role, while new best budget Lenovo tablet Lenovo IdeaTab 2 A7-30F – exactly what you need! This is a relatively thin and light device that has a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels, the processor MediaTek MT8382, as well as a very nice and comfortable. Take a closer look?

DesignBest budget Lenovo tablet IdeaTab 2 A7-30F 

If the appearance of the best budget Lenovo tablet  had to be described in one word, we would call it strictly. Rather, such an association occurs because of sharp edges and not rounded as is often the case in others. With regard to the materials of the shell, it is not designed for sophisticated users because the design uses the only manufacturer of plastic. However, this time it compensates white (Pearl White), and Black (Ebony Black) colors.

The cover, in general, has a typical design for a tablet, in particular, it is decorated with the traditional logo of the manufacturer, as well as web-camera in the upper corner. Closer to the bottom, you can see the name used audio technology – Dolby Audio. No markings are no longer there. Incidentally, the back of the tablet has a matte surface and is very willing to collect fingerprints. But there’s nothing you can do about it, is a problem common to all mobile gadgets with which the fingers of the user are in close contact.

The front of the best budget Lenovo tablet represented a 7-inch screen, completely covered with glass. It has a moderately thick frames, and for ease of use in a horizontal orientation the upper and lower edging slightly wider than the side. Above the display – one is a webcam, this time to the front, and next to it – another logo, the small size. All faces devices uniformly occupied interfaces.

Dimensions best budget Lenovo tablet IdeaTab 2 A7-30F allow to speak about his mobility and compactness, for the length of the tablet is 191 mm, width – 105 mm, and thickness – 8.5 mm. The gadget is light, its weight is 269 We also note the fact that the model with 7-inch, perhaps, is the ideal in terms of comfort of use: it is placed in the arm, and the team can ask the same hand, which is very convenient, especially in, say, transport. In summary, we note that the plate looks great and is designed quite efficiently. These characteristics and even a variety of colors allow us to conclude that the device will appeal to a broad enough audience of potential buyers of different professions, ages, and genders.

Display, sound, and webcam

Best budget Lenovo tablet IdeaTab 2 A7-30F 

On the screen, the best budget Lenovo tablet IdeaTab 2 A7-30F offers nothing supernatural, however, and the special claims to it either. Display resolution – 1024×600 pixels, by modern standards, it is considered quite small, but the 7-inch form factor, by and large, this is enough; pixel density – 170 ppi. The matrix is made by technology IPS, which is indicative of the wide viewing angles, and no screen distortion when deviations from the right angle. By the way, the glossy display surface, and the stock brightness is not very high, so work with your tablet on a sunny day it would be difficult.

Of course, the touch screen device. The commands are executed quickly, without braking and suspension. There is a 5-finger multi-touch, for which engineers can put a minus because in today’s tablets ubiquitous display supports up to 10 simultaneous touches.

Best budget Lenovo tablet IdeaTab 2 A7-30F 

As we mentioned above, the sound quality is responsible for technology Dolby Audio. Of course, the ideal sound we are not talking, but as for the tablet, good acoustics. In general, its capacity is enough for daily needs, for example, listen to music or watch a movie. Web cameras in the device two. The front has a minimum resolution – 0.3 MP, so you can use it just to chat online in video format.

The rear camera can offer a 2 megapixel, which, of course, is not enough to carry a photo. But with quick snapshots, which detail is unimportant, she can handle it. By the way, the back is a webcam has a number of built-in functions: view, “pretty face”, etc. In addition, if desired, the user can adjust the sharpness, contrast, saturation, and brightness of the image.


Of course, the physical keyboard to the tablet is missing and it is logical. However, worthy of one of its replacement is an alternative sensor that works according to the standards of the operating system Android. She has a very simple and intuitive interface, as well as enough space between the keys so that the risk of hurting nearby button minimized. In addition, you can change various settings, eg select a different language, change the font, style, keyboard, etc. At the bottom of the screen, you can see three standard touch-sensitive buttons – “Back”, “Menu” and “Home”.


As already mentioned, best budget Lenovo tablet IdeaTab 2 A7-30F operates based on OS Android 4.2, which allows the user to freely visit the store free apps Play Market and download files from there without any restrictions. Now touch on just stuffing gadget: it is MediaTek MT8382 processor clocked at 1.3 GHz. This quad-core chip, built on 28-nm process technology based on ARM Cortex-A7. Among its advantages – support for multiple features, such as FM-radio, handling 1080p video, etc.

Best budget Lenovo tablet IdeaTab 2 A7-30F 

For a graphic image processing, integrated graphics corresponds ARM Mali-400 MP2. Its operating frequency is 533 MHz, there is support for OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG 1.1. Of course, to call this powerful hardware platform difficult, however, it is able to demonstrate a good result. For example, the filling, except the elementary surf the web, allows you to run a series of games, in particular, action Republique, shooter Dead Trigger 2, and race like Asphalt.

The best budget Lenovo tablet provides 1 GB of RAM, and by modern standards, in general, is not enough. As for the built-in memory, its 16 GB, and is the maximum possible capacity. However, not everything is so bad, the situation can be improved by using microSD cards up to 32GB.

Ports and Communications

Interfaces at the standard best budget Lenovo tablet. On the right side, you can see two physical buttons – and volume.

On the left side – the SIM-card and card reader microSD covered a total cap.

Best budget Lenovo tablet IdeaTab 2 A7-30F 

The top of the manufacturer put port Micro-USB, and headphone jack.

Best budget Lenovo tablet IdeaTab 2 A7-30F 

The lower bound is not equipped with anything but a microphone.

Best budget Lenovo tablet IdeaTab 2 A7-30F 

As for wireless communications, they are presented primarily unit 3G, which allows to obtain free access to the network. Moreover, it was not without Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, receiver GPS. If we talk about the sensors, then to the user enters only the accelerometer.


The best budget Lenovo tablet IdeaTab 2 A7-30F Li-ion battery 3450 mAh. The manufacturer claims that the tablet is able to operate continuously for at least 8 hours. The actual results were not far from this value: for example, if you lower the brightness to 120 cd / m2, then sit on the Internet (with the included Wi-Fi) will turn out a little more than 8 hours. View 720p video will about 6 hours, but the play of the game – about 4 hours. The results are quite decent because the user can actually use the gadget a working day.


Well, familiarity with the best budget Lenovo tablet IdeaTab 2 A7-30F can be considered successfully held. The tablet gives the impression of a reliable and robust device that is useful for users with different preferences. A tablet is made of plastic, however, no reproach it in a poor quality of the assembly. The display of the gadget – a typical average, however, with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels the user is comfortable with the good, the diagonal is only 7 inches.

Filling and stars from the sky is not enough, but for the daily work of its capabilities enough with a vengeance. Definitely happy vitality battery: by undemanding specifications, best budget Lenovo tablet PC can work a whole day, but certainly not at the maximum brightness. Cost best budget Lenovo tablet IdeaTab 2 A7-30F, by modern standards, not too high, because the price tag equipment, considered in the survey does not exceed the level of $ 140.

Source: Lenovo

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