Xiaomi review - tablet model MI Pad

Xiaomi review – tablet model MiPad

Xiaomi review - tablet model MI Pad

The success story of the company Xiaomi review: see Apple and Steve Jobs, you know that it is – your spiritual mentor; let go firmware, which apparently turns your Android into iOS, and conquer the world; begin to produce devices that are similar to the first device from kupertinovtsy, and then eventually find their taste; now become №1 selling smartphones in China. I warn you, the plan is approximate.

Speech today will focus on the first plate of the Chinese company – Xiaomi review MiPad. These guys surprised me personally is not the first year, so it was very interesting how pancake turned tablet. Frankly – lumpy. And I have something to tell about it.

Set – Xiaomi review

Xiaomi review - tablet model MI Pad

It is worth to pay attention to the cardboard box in which the driven plate. From year to year it is cardboard, but as strong as if made of wood. Withstands weight lyapota, tested in practice even during Xiaomi review Mi4 , and pressure up to 100 kg! And what is inside the box, now depends on the seller. In my configuration was carried out for charging and plug that our outlet is not suitable. A Chinese sellers usually put in a small box all that only rich.

Appearance and ergonomics – Xiaomi review

You open the box or just watch the pictures and the first thought that pops into your head: “Somewhere I have already seen.” Ta-dum! Xiaomi review MiPad – it’s like iPhone 5c, only bigger and wider. I recently pecked in the comments to the video blog for unorthodox saying “Xiaomi steal”, but everything is clear as day – inspired by the designers so much that just took ayfoshu, attached to cardboard, outlined, and then stretched so that it is similar to the iPad mini. Here and do not go to a fortune teller.

Xiaomi review - tablet model MI Pad

Since iPhones with this design look perfectly clear, it is clear that such syaomishkam appearance also goes. They look juicy, lively, in youth. Five colors to choose from: white, blue, green, yellow, or pink (yellow, as for me, the coolest). You would not be as pathetic arrogant, as if sitting in a cafe with the iPad, but not faceless non-understand-who, if you sit with an inexpensive Android-tablet. With Xiaomi review MiPad you manage to eat fish, and the water did not climb because superficially similar, inside looks like a bright, beautiful, and on Android with a maximum price tag of $ 450. And this is the case, if you do not know how to google and you take the tablet into the first store under the arm.

Xiaomi review - tablet model MI Pad

Material of back cover – glossy plastic. This means that it looks beautiful, it has not yet touched. Then he and Mara shines, and dust particles are attracted to it. And it is quite slippery. I did not risk his hold with one hand, it seemed to me that it is unreliable. And to keep it so necessary to have music stretching hands and dexterity. Xiaomi review applying to his brother iPad mini 2, you do not notice little or no difference. Parameters 202 x 135,4 x 8,5, count, identical with aypadovskimi 200 x 134,7 x 7,5 mm, a weight of 360 grams hand against 330 grams Ipad somehow felt easier. Most likely, it is self-hypnosis. Here you see the plastic, there – metal …

Xiaomi review - tablet model MI Pad

I liked his smooth and streamlined. He is not scratched, fingerprints erased sleeve corners ROUNDED, nice touch as to the plastic and the display with oleophobic coating. Obvious plus compared with the same MiniCom – button on the side, under the volume key. This is convenient for these parameters.

On the other side – a slot for microSD. Expansion – up to 128 GB. But no slot for a SIM card is not present. So to my ear it does not attach to the internet without Wi-Fi can not escape.

Xiaomi review - tablet model MI Pad

Top side – audio standard 3.5 mm below the center – port MicroUSB.

Located behind the main camera 8 MP, in the “waist” – branded label and a pair of speakers with nehilym reserve volume.

Xiaomi review - tablet model MI Pad

Front of the display Xiaomi review – not the thick side frames and marked his forehead with the chin. In the black of the top hidden camera lens on the front and 5 MP somewhere sensors next to the logo. Below – three touch-sensitive buttons.

Xiaomi review - tablet model MI Pad

If you do not take into account some slippery and hold the tablet with two hands, not vypendrivayas, and the format and appearance, and all as a whole looks very organic. Plastic may deter its impracticality, so there is no place for someone who who stole the idea of ​​design. Could steal something and more practical! But assembled Xiaomi review MiPad soundly. Same neschatnaya back cover encloses the display so that the screen around you ottenochkaya frame the color you have chosen. It can be seen not only someone, but you!

Display – Xiaomi review

Xiaomi review - tablet model MI Pad

One of the strengths of the device. The second – through the point. Because on the diagonal into 8-inch resolution 2048 × 1536 pixel density of 324 ppi. And at the same mini retina exactly the same number of pixels! And it looks very good. Especially because IPS LCD-matrix, protective glass Gorilla Glass 3, great supply of brightness and good anti-glare properties. Direct sunlight in October remained readable text at maximum brightness, minimum brightness does not eat away your eyes in the dark. Auto-tuning is available, but it is not always logical, so I did not use it.

Xiaomi review - tablet model MI Pad

The display Xiaomi review is well-established. Lack of air gap, if the image on the surface. All this looks gorgeous, but, as you know, in the event of an emergency glass replacement will be expensive and tedious employment. But at the display are rich colors, sufficient contrast, the maximum viewing angles. However, the angle of the image may turn yellow, but at an angle diagonal to green but the sun are stains. For all other indicators for the class display in Xiaomi review MiPad simply gorgeous.

Camera – Xiaomi review

Here I am a little surprised. We all remember that the camera taking pictures of the tablet – mauvais ton. Therefore Xiaomi review MiPad fit the main camera without flash and the capacity of 8 MP, front and 5 MP.

Xiaomi review - tablet model MI Pad

And it seemed to me, the front almost as good as the main. This is so that everyone in an emergency had something to take a picture of the main camera, a beautiful autumn park, for example, or to make a video of the same park in FullHD-resolution. But at the same time knew his place and yuzal camera plate on purpose – for video calls. Although something is not going well – then why the developers left in the laconic Soft million camera filters? How instagram on the knee.

Specifications – Xiaomi review

And here is the second big plus Xiaomi review MiPad. Because the devices on the platform Nvidia Tegra K1 with five kernels five cores ARM Cortex-A15 with a frequency of 2.22 GHz and 2 GB RAM is not too much, and they really drag! (In fact, only 4 of them operate at a frequency of 2.22 GHz, and for the fifth working frequencies are too low in order to save energy, and it works). Responsible for the graphics Nvidia GK20A, which is kind of like before debut was only used for desktop PCs. This is all very worthy shows itself in games, in the standard work on the tablet, in synthetic benchmarks and especially heavy load.

Xiaomi review - tablet model MI Pad

Frankly, all gonochki and shooters, in which I play, there were so nice and easy that I once rode in Asphalt 8 all night long. Processors do well and with drawing graphics, and autonomy. However, during the “download the full” cover noticeably heats up in the area of ​​the camera. Very noticeable.

Optional memory 16 GB or 64 GB. System stride eats not so much space available to the user for almost 14 GB of 16 but still has support for memory cards up to 128 GB. Apps from Market to gamble is impossible, and carry – you can.

With autonomy too had all could not be good. Xiaomi review has 6700 mAh seemingly not so much, but: energoeffektinaya platform + energy saving modes can work wonders. About 8 hours of video online. In my case, I combined 8-inch tablet with a 5.5-inch smartphone – Xiaomi has become my home pet device, rarely traveling walk. I know how to wisely spend the battery, I got 4 days trifle yuzaniya mode smartphone + tablet. And this is an absolute record in the 8-inch tablets.


But in general, the tablet Xiaomi review has one sore. In this particular case it is MIUI. I am familiar with the devices of the first year. MIUI me extremely pleased. It is simple, concise, as iOS, only scope for customization. But the version of MIUI 4.10.10 on my device – a complete failure. It is not completed for the tablet. I understand the first attempt, something had to remain lumpy. But why is the firmware? After all, she pereportila what really shy, in the remainder of the beauty of the machine. Even such basic as a custom wallpaper that did not fit to resolve and looked just awful, if you put on the screen for something a little more concrete than yellowish blur.

There are native music app, where you can listen to Korean rap, shop with millions of those that you are unlikely to end of life overpower browse, calculator, Marked widget on the second desktop. No application menu, there is a beautiful translucent double blind, and the widget to search for, there are 8 types of Animania. BUT! All some unripe, for a smartphone, but not for the tablet Xiaomi review.

Xiaomi review - tablet model MI Pad

Oh, and the cherry on the cake – adaptation. Xiaomi review – Chinese company. They language consists of characters. And there are several dialects. Her kindly can install sellers. Or local, if you decide not to save money and to get at least a local shop warranty, or Chinese, if you book through the site and know how to talk to people. Or do you have to do it ourselves. In my instance, it was like blah, but the tragic misunderstandings happen.

I decided to check for updates hands without seeing the actual version of the firmware on the site. When sending a request Xiaomi review asked me to come in under the username it syaomishny, account. I’m what? I immediately went and created it, checked the update. Tablet once said – you have the latest version, but I think it is not so, as it should, depart, I rebooted. And came back to life with a native Chinese firmware and three languages, two of which – the Chinese dialect, bonus – English. If you happened to the same problem, here you skrinshotik, then I looked around in peinte as the Chinese look “Language.”

Conclusion – Xiaomi review

Xiaomi review - tablet model MI Pad

Reading about this tablet Xiaomi review MiPad, I could not understand why everyone calls him controversial. After two weeks of use, I realized that’s different about it and not say anything. Xiaomi review MiPad really the most controversial of all the tablet that I come across on the test. He’s handsome, bright, youth, with a very sharp and clear display a good picture with mood-elevating performance of a series of “what the doctor ordered” and autonomy above all praise. But at the same slippery, uncomfortable and brand. And there is no slot for a SIM card, so there is no mobile Internet. And not cool, in this case, MIUI.

That is, the kind of happened and nice and ambitious start in Xiaomi review MiPad, won some characteristics, but is shown in detail China, as it is not sad. If all these things are not important to you and you’re ready to flash the device to another launcher, then here’s the last food for thought – the price. Depending on where you buy, prices range from $ 250-350 for the 16GB and $ 300-400 for the 64GB.

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