The company Rohm introduced portable batteries on hydrogen cells

You know that can make the laptop battery that runs on hydrogen fuel cells less scary? Colored covers! Probably so reasoned the company Rohm, when unveiled at CEATEC 2013 batteries, dressed in colored casing.

Most of all it reminds iPhone 5C, the colors of which are almost identical with color covers for portable batteries from Rohm. The latter, by the way, can extend the life of iPhone nearly doubled. In Rohm hoping thus to attract more buyers, especially they are counting on the female audience. that the Japanese company Rohm Semiconductor and Aquafairy Corp. together with scientists from Kyoto University have developed a technology called gidrosintezom. Its essence is that hydrogen is released from the solid calcium hydrate by adding thereto water. This produces electrical energy needed to charge the battery of its own smartphone. It does not form harmful waste, and waste cells may be disposed of as normal waste . If a fuel cell to store in a sealed exclusion of moisture, it retains its properties for 20 years. For comparison, modern lithium- ion batteries are designed for 4-5 years of service and for their disposal necessary to make special arrangements. are available in 7 different colors, and the batteries will be available in two versions: a low-power option ( 5 watts / hour) suitable for charging smartphones and tablets, more powerful version (400 watts / hour) will be able to power the laptop or monitor. The price and date of appearance in the free market has not reported.


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Look a video from russian roads:


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