Self-Guided Tesla electric car will be for three years

The idea of ​​self-cars not only excites the minds of the engineers of Google. Currently, about their plans in this field, the company said Tesla Motors. During the interview with the resource Financial Times Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) officially confirmed that the company is working on a autopilot system.

Mr. Musk shares the view of most analysts that the cars will be fully self-managed a very long time, and poses the following problem Tesla Motors – over the next three years to develop a system to which it will be possible to shift control of the car by 90%. According to the mask, the technology will be developed from scratch.

It is worth noting that Tesla is not the only company that develops self-cars. These technologies offer of Mercedes-Benz, GM, Volvo and Continental. However, for various reasons, they are still in the testing phase.

The German company Daimler AG, which includes Mercedes-Benz, and the company Nissan, has recently reported that they both hope to start delivering self-cars by the end of this decade. Many believe that the plans Mask relatively self-cars look quite ambitious, but let’s not forget about his achievements in the recent past.

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