New Electric Empire Elon Musk - New Era

New Electric Empire Elon Musk – New Era

New Electric Empire Elon Musk - New Era

Who does not like us, lovers of any gadgets known how serious is the problem with the batteries. Notorious Elon Musk, who is familiar with electricity and batteries are not hearsay at least experience with Tesla, apparently shares our suffering, and in the new project it will affect is the problem of domestic electrical supply and batteries. And who knows, maybe sometime it will reach mobile Arrange PTS.

I’m sure if you ask the average geek that he knows about Elon Musk, the first thing he would say about the companies Tesla and SpaceX, the first of which deals with electric cars, and the second – space transportation. But he has known and less activity, namely the company SolarCity, whose work revolves around the solar panels. In the US, this company, by the way, has already captured 39% market share of domestic solar panels, with about 168,000 customers.

But with solar problems there is one problem. Often the sun shines when the energy of the user is not really needed, or vice versa – to include tea, stiralku, iron and even a lot of things, but on the street or even a cloudy night. That is, there is the inefficiency of the distribution of power, which of these solar cells can be produced.

Way out of this problem is pretty obvious. It does not take a PhD in physics to understand that when the power comes a lot, it must store, and when it is not enough – to get out of stocks. And for these purposes is the best fit is the battery. And where they are actively used? That’s right, in electric vehicles from Tesla.

New Electric Empire Elon Musk - New Era

And here it is not just about how to “put the home solar panel attached to her hefty battery and live in peace.” The company’s plans go a little further. Solar City is planning a large-scale industrial use of batteries as a huge points transfusion and energy storage.

In particular, it can be useful large commercial customers, such as supermarkets or other large facilities that consume a lot of electricity. This approach saves during peak hours, which ultimately reduces electricity bills by 20-30%. As you can imagine, this is quite a lot.

In California, where renewable energy is very much in favor, now the experiment is conducted with the participation of about 500 houses and batteries Tesla 10 kWh. They are able to hold the average house working condition for two days, subject to disconnection from the mains.

Naturally, such a move may not much like the current electricity suppliers, cozy monopoly which may considerably falter. If the batteries Tesla (though, like any other company, now it is not so much) will be installed in ordinary homes and in the larger power units, it offers significant financial losses current suppliers.

New Electric Empire Elon Musk - New Era

However, apparently, all this is inevitable. The introduction of stationary energy storage in power around the world at the moment seem to be more than logical, it would allow for better allocation of resources and more efficient to use them, what exactly is the purpose of such a science as economics.

Despite the fact that for most of us with you it is not so important, as, for example, for residents of very sunny California, indirect positive effects we experience very soon. Firstly, the massive demand for batteries could provoke a technological breakthrough in the industry, which may happen and so we love to smartphones, tablets, watches and so on. Second, the development and transformation of electricity can increase supply and demand for electric vehicles, which at the moment looks like the very future of the automotive industry. And, of course, the economy in the long term should affect not only reduce costs, but also on the climate and the preservation of our earth in the state in which it should be.

So we hope that the new venture Elon Musk in the near future was a success, because, like almost all the other undertakings on the part of it looks very attractive. It remains only to realize it, and who knows, maybe this will be the very New Age in the power supply.

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