In the complaint filed with NHTSA on unintended acceleration Tesla Model S

It is now known that the National Authority for Road Safety (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA) received a complaint of unintended acceleration on one of the production models Tesla Model S. This is the resource MotorAuthority .

According to the owner of the popular electric car in the United States, at the time of the incident was at the wheel of his wife. Owner Model S claims that his wife was moving in a residential area at a rate of no more than 8 km / h and at the same time to time the brakes. After some time the electric accelerated and collided with the curb. For a split second Tesla Model S is vertical, dangling on a fence height of 1.4 meters.

After examining the data from the on-board computer electric vehicle, an engineer at Tesla Motors in the report, which was provided to the owner Model S pointed out that in a split second the pressure on the accelerator pedal has increased from 18% to 100%, and blamed the dispersal of the driver.

Interestingly, in the electric throttle Tesla Model S integrated limiter which is triggered when the force exerted on it exceeds 92%.

After a complaint was filed with the NHTSA, the company Tesla Motors declined to comment, citing the fact that the investigation is not over yet.

It will be recalled that a similar situation occurred in the recent past with Toyota. Then the Japanese giant had to recall their own cars and sustain a loss of several million dollars. It is hoped that the Japanese scenario will not happen again for Tesla Motors.

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