Germany confirmed that the fault in the Tesla Motors Model S no ignitions

It was learned that three cases of fire electric Tesla Model S due to accidents are not only interested National Authority for Road Safety USA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA), but the road and the Federal Office of Germany (Federal Motor Transport Authority Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, KBA ).

On the official website of Tesla Motors is already possible to find an appropriate message, which contains information about the results of the KBA investigation. So, is responsible for the regulation of traffic in Germany agency reported that no evidence which indicate defects in the electric Tesla Model S and directly blaming the manufacturer, has been found. That is why KBA sees no violation of any provisions of the law on liability for quickie and will not apply to any measures Tesla Motors.

Recall previously reported that the head of the board of directors Tesla Motors Elon Musk personally appealed to the National Authority for Road Safety (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA) to conduct a thorough investigation of each case ignition Model S. However, The Detroit News refutes this statement, referring to the statement of the official NHTSA. In other words, NHTSA independently initiated an investigation.

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