Hybrid BMW i8 will receive unusual key fob with display


During the motor show in Frankfurt, BMW has revealed its first hybrid car I8.


By itself, the car was quite interesting. The original design together with the technical solutions that formed the basis of i8, leave enough strong impressions. However, BMW engineers have managed to create an impressive not only the hybrid, but the key with a charm for him. Seemingly remote control functions are very simple and understandable, and to add to them something new problematic. Device must open and close the car, turn on and turn off the alarm, start and stop the engine, raise and lower the window and trunk lid. But this is not the case.


To begin with, the keychain size and appearance is more like a smartphone than a traditional device in its class. It is equipped with a fairly large color display with high resolution. The display can show information about battery level, the time required to complete its charge, the distance that you can drive with the current level of charge and available fuel supply. Also, the device will receive a button that the user can assign certain commands. Keychain for a special docking station near the gear automatic transmissions. When connected to a docking station will charge the built-in battery keychain and possible elimination of additional information.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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