We have a future CD. Review of CD-player Musical Fidelity M6TSD


If we wanted to describe the sound of the player Musical Fidelity M6CD in three words, we would say – big, bold and smooth. If you like this approach is to get acquainted with it immediately. Although the sound of a solid-looking CD-player is not quite perfect, it has some competitors.

M6CD has not only transport, but also digital inputs – optical, coaxial and USB. Unfortunately, USB-port only accepts files in formats up to 24 bit/48 kHz – in our time is not serious. Optical input raises the bar for up to 24 bit/96 kHz, and only able to coax support full high definition files (24/192).

We begin testing the CD “Seasons” by Vivaldi – and Musical Fidelity is revealed in all its glory. His sound is equally inherent power and delicacy; sound stage – a huge and well-designed. We especially liking surprisingly transparent midrange and natural changes in intensity of the music transfer.

It is worth noting the high sophistication: even on a good system violin sometimes sound too harsh, but M6CD plays them with impeccable precision, without smoothing with sound. Spacious sound stage allows all the tools to stay at ease, the sound does not seem overloaded.

A powerful, deep bass

Tonal balance of the Musical Fidelity has shifted somewhat toward the deep and powerful bass. However, the developers of the business know that the sound does not seem heavy-handed, rich bass just add to it the heat and gravity.

Get Lucky song by Daft Punk sounds powerful and sophisticated. Rhythm was not entirely flawless, yet the combination of expressive dynamics and highly detailed forms a spectacular sound. Sometimes it happens that the material is not the most ideal listening quality is still very good, and this is such a case.

Staying in touch


1. Analog Outputs

Like most of the models in this category, M6CD has analog outputs – balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA.

2. Digital Inputs

Unlike most CD-players, M6CD not ignore the fact that many people store music on your computer. Digital inputs can improve its sound quality compared with that provides PC. USB-port, the most obvious connection – the weakest of the three inputs.

The sound from digital inputs leaves a mixed bag: the scale and dynamics inherent in the reproduction of CD, are slightly lower, while the level of development remains as high. The signal from the USB-ports played worse than the rest, optical and coaxial inputs give good results for a wide range of music – from 50 Word for Snow by Kate Bush in the format 24/96 By the Way to the group Red Hot Chili Peppers.

In addition to comments on the sound quality, we have no claim to this player, it has a solid body with excellent finishes and strict front panel. Is it that easy to reach out to the transport control buttons located under the tray when it is open.

Most disappointing display: it has a small viewing angle and the poor quality of scrolling text. At that price, it could be better.

In the list of connections – balanced and unbalanced analog and digital optical and coaxial outputs and three inputs already mentioned.

M6CD pretty good, perhaps, the quality of its sound nedotyagivaet the ideal, but it will appeal to many. We are a little disappointed with the playback of digital inputs in comparison with the CD, but the fact that they are, deserves respect. All owners of large collections of CDs have a reason to get acquainted with this unit closer.

Price: $ 3250

Rating: 4

PROS: Transparent and well-developed midrange, smooth dynamics, powerful bass, digital inputs

CONS: Not exactly standard; USB-port supports only 24 bit/48 kHz uncomfortable display

VERDICT: M6CD is quite good, and its powerful and sophisticated sound will appeal to many

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