Bloomberg: new Apple TV will be available in April

Apple plans to introduce a new generation of its Apple TV set-top box in April this year, reports Bloomberg, citing its own sources, credible. According to the publication, while the corporation is in the process of concluding agreements with major suppliers of video, such as Time Warner Cable, so the appearance of consoles in retail and online Apple stores can not take place earlier than a few months.

It is reported that the console will get a more powerful processor and an updated interface, but about her association with the router AirPort Express or the appearance of its own app store sources hold. In addition, Apple is going to start selling a new Apple TV only to the following Christmas period.

If the set-top box and the truth will be updated in April, does that mean that at the same time the company will hold a full presentation of new devices? I think not. Recently, Apple has taken the practice to update some of their gadgets, accompanied by only one press release on its website. Such devaysami were new fifth-generation iPod Touch and iPad with capacity of 128 GB.

In late January, the corporation took Apple TV a separate section on its official website – prefix previously had to look in the “Accessories”. Then so hasty action on the part of Apple was difficult to explain, because it was planned that the new console will be on the shelves only to fly. Now everything is more or less clear: the company prepares for the April show.

If the time between the announcement of Apple TV and the start of its sales will be held 7-8 months, the corporation will have to periodically re-heat the interest of potential buyers for the new device. Whether is easier in this case to submit console this fall? It would be quite logical.

Typically, information from Bloomberg can trust – this is one of the most respected publications in the world, besides with the forecasts for new iPhone and iPad journalists often fall right in the “bull’s-eye.” In addition, recently, developers have found a mention about the next generation Apple TV in the code of iOS 7.

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