Scanner iPhone 5s taught to recognize up to 25 fingerprints

Introducing the new iPhone 5S , Apple has focused on three features of the new flagship machine: a 64-bit processor A7 , an improved camera , and Fingerprint Reader Touch ID . The latter is used to unlock the device and authorization in online stores App Store and iTunes.

Enter your fingerprint in the system can be either in the initial setup iPhone 5s, then either through the Settings menu. By default, the device can not add more than five fingers. In the course of fingerprint registration to a few times to touch the buttons Home (about 10-15 times). Once the system will remember it, you can touch a button Home.

Well, YouTube user Nout Svounchot found a way to cheat iPhone 5s so that the smartphone could save more than five different fingers. The trick is to ensure that during the fingerprint registration must apply to the scanner is not the same finger, multiple fingers at a time – first index, then the ring, middle, etc. Experiments have shown that the system can handle up to five different finger for one registration.

“When you enroll a finger scanner can actually handle up to five different prints. With a lot of the sensor does not seem to cope. But even so, you can save 25 prints “- said Nout.

In other words, iPhone 5s 5 can be saved, and as many as 25 different fingers (or other body parts at their discretion). At the same time, notes Note, after adding a large number of prints of problems with their use will not occur – the system as quickly recognizes all the fingers.

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