Review of the gaming laptop Acer Aspire V17

Review of the gaming laptop Acer Aspire V17

Review of the gaming laptop Acer Aspire V17

Gaming laptop Acer Aspire V17 Nitro looks like a perfectly normal office DTR-notebook. His black-and-silver finish rather surprising little thick and quiet operation than inherent gaming models aggressive design. Insight comes at a time when you get to the technical parameters or run on the sample modern game – a quad Intel Core i7, discrete graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M, as well as 16 GB of RAM and a hybrid SSD + HDD storage give this level of performance, which can confound a significant part of the dedicated gaming laptops. Well, as the cherry on top of cake stands an excellent 17.3-inch IPS-screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and Anti-glare matte surface.


As we have already mentioned, when we first met Acer Aspire V17 Nitro surprise minimum thickness – from 17-inch gaming notebook DTR-directional subconsciously expect almost twice the thickness. In fact, the height of the housing is not such a record, it is exactly one inch, but pointed and rounded front edge to the bottom of the sidewall give your laptop the same effect of lightness, thanks to which he “floats” above the surface of the table. For the record, passport size model up 423 × 293 × 25,4 mm, weight – about 3 kg.

The top cover of the notebook is finished in black matte plastic (soft-touch NIL) with a texture in the form of a fairly deep vertical lines. Dark panel dilutes the manufacturer’s logo and a thin silver panel near the hinges of the display unit. The panel is made of plastic coated with a metal, and decorated with embossed inscription Aspire V Nitro.

Lower body Acer Aspire V17 Nitro almost entirely made of softtach-black plastic. In contrast to the matte embossed cover material, the surface very quickly covered with fingerprints. However, this is unlikely to be a problem for the 17-inch laptop, the model which does not involve the use of too frequent movement from place to place.Review of the gaming laptop Acer Aspire V17

On the bottom you can find the dynamics, moved closer to the front face and tiny hole to force a reboot of the device. Recently it took for the simple reason that the developers have decided to make your laptop battery removable. Wide strip perforation is used for air intake cooling system. Processor and a discrete graphics card provides two separate fan who can independently handle the dust using proprietary technology Acer DustDefender.

Tapered front edge Acer Aspire V17 Nitro contains only a couple of digital microphones. Almost the entire width of trimmed silver plastic back panel is occupied by radiators cooling system. On the left face imposed optical drive, a pair of USB 2.0 connectors, and a Kensington lock hole. On the right side you can find a full-sized card reader, combined audio port, two connectors USB 3.0, video output HDMI, foldout network RJ45, pair of indicators of activity and socket adapter.


Cover Acer Aspire V17 Nitro can be easily opened with one hand despite the absence of recesses, canopies and other ancillary elements of a design.

The display unit rests on two hinges, finished all the same silver plastic “under the metal.” Screen bezel is made rather wide, especially in the lower part. It is made from the same brand softtach plastic as the lower part of the body, so that when you change the angle of the screen you will constantly leave their fingerprints.

The maximum opening angle of the display is considerably higher than average rates, it is about 155 degrees. At the same time throughout the range image is equally bright and juicy, as in this notebook uses high quality matte 17.3-inch IPS-matrix with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels.

Review of the gaming laptop Acer Aspire V17

Operating panel Acer Aspire V17 Nitro trimmed softtach-black plastic. In the area podladonnoy area around the keyboard and it is smooth, but near the bases of the display unit designers found it necessary to “refresh” his texture of horizontal stripes. There you can watch the silver block with an inscription Aspire V Nitro, which is approximately a centimeter towers over the rest of the surface. The power button is located on the top right corner of the keyboard, and a pair of indicators of activity that we saw in the study of the right sidewall of the housing looks its edges and on the operation panel. Both indicators are small enough to distract from the work even in a dark room and at the same time informative enough in case you need to assess the current state of the system (active or sleep mode, the process of charging the battery).

The layout of the operating panel Acer Aspire V17 Nitro typical for DTR-laptops – the developers have established a huge touchpad in the center of the main character block, resulting in terms of symmetry it is skewed to the left. All the useful area of the touchpad takes sensor, dedicated buttons are not provided, and the left and right click is performed by bending the lower corners of the panel. The choice of the touchpad surface chosen not entirely successful, as the tactile characteristics, it does not differ from podladonnoy panel. Given the fact that the touchpad is not placed exactly in the center, the user initially could not get a finger to the right place. Also note sloppy “handwritten” stroke Black Edition in the upper left corner, which in theory was to emphasize the exclusivity of this version of the laptop, but in practice it looks too unclear to him considered someone other than the owner of the work.

Review of the gaming laptop Acer Aspire V17

In addition to the availability of additional digital block island laptop keyboard backlight can boast the presence of deep red color. Adjust its brightness or turn on automatically fail, the backlight can be on or off completely, or to include a combination Fn + F9. By keyboard layout claims to be expected not found – all the buttons on their location, size and spacing of the standard buttons, arrows isolated unit for greater convenience.


Laptop Acer Aspire V17 Nitro is built on a hardware platform Intel, augmented performance of discrete graphics from NVIDIA. In the present configuration uses a top quad-core Intel Core i7-4710HQ with a base frequency of 2.5 GHz and a maximum frequency of 3.5 GHz mode Turbo Boost. Responsible for processing graphics card of “gaming” GTX-series, in this case NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M with 2GB of dedicated video memory GDDR5.


To install the memory available two SODIMM-slot, while depending on the configuration in the laptop is set from 8 to 16 GB of RAM. In hitting on the test sample used in the unusual amount of 6 GB, assembled from two strips 2 and 4 GB from different manufacturers, which undoubtedly affected the results of performance testing. Storage system in the most accessible configurations is a hard drive capacity of 500 GB or 1 TB, the more expensive it is supplemented modifications SSD 60, 128 or 256 GB.

Review of the gaming laptop Acer Aspire V17

The real highlight of the configuration Acer Aspire V17 Nitro stands 17.3-inch IPS-matrix LG LP173WF4-SPF1 with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, a matte finish and a maximum brightness of 300 cd / m2. Triplex removable battery 4600 mAh provides up to 4 hours in power saving mode and just over an hour in the game mode.

Results Acer Aspire V17

As a result, Acer Aspire V17 Nitro – this is a very successful large-format notebook universal orientation, which, depending on your wishes can equally well play a role and the role of the workstation and gaming PC. Performance is more than enough, excellent IPS-screen allows not to think about buying an external monitor, ergonomics and tactile sensations of use – with virtually no complaints. It remains to be noted that the Acer Aspire V17 Nitro has a more compact 15.6-inch counterparts, and the cost of the initial versions of the 17.3-inch model in Western markets starts at $ 1,199.


  • high level of equipment and performance
  • IPS-screen with Full HD resolution and a matte finish neblikuschim
  • quiet and efficient cooling system with self-cleaning function Acer DustDefender
  • convenient backlit keyboard, large touchpad
  • slim body, nice materials, classic design

Do not like it

  • some soiled surfaces
  • short battery life under load

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