Elephone S2 Plus review - new fashion phone with affordable price tag

Elephone S2 Plus review – new fashion phone with affordable price tag

In this review, I turn snob-perfectionist and appreciate new fashion phone Elephone S2 Plus with normal user position. No reservations that Sony in its flagship done something much better, and the Samsung Galaxy is. We look at Chinese sober, love for the really important features mocked for defects. And let’s not forget about the price tag of $ 150.

In May 2015, the company Elephone followed the trend in the production of two identical smartphones with different diagonal screen – smaller and more. I have to test new fashion phone Elephone S2 Plus with 5.5-inch HD screen, there is slightly more subtle variation with a 5-inch screen and HD, Elephone S2. Both have Smart average characteristics, the emphasis is on design and materials – glass on both panels, the metal bezel, playing in the sun, “as the bezel” substrate.

Package –  new fashion phone

Judging from the packaging, it is one on both models – Elephone S2 and S2 Plus. A small box with a sliding cover to hint at a smart blue and iridescent facets. Informative with a minimum.

Design, materials, and ergonomics

I’m not vain title Elephone S2 Plus device. In new fashion phone  interesting glass back playing pattern mirror in the sun. The brighter the ambient light, the more clearly shimmers blue hidden under a glass panel “Sapphire”. More points design adds metal edging faces and the upper end and a slightly rounded at the edges of the glass front panel. The assembly elements provide a really interesting appearance – neat and expensive.

Elephone S2 Plus review - new fashion phone with affordable price tag

If we talk about the materials new fashion phone Elephone S2 Plus, especially not to find fault with what. Front and rear glass. The manufacturer says about the incandescence but does not name a symbol of quality – Gorilla Gluss. And besides glue film to the screen. I have not conducted tests but did not have much hope for the high resistance of the coating to scratches.

The case is plastic, but the sides and the top end frames aluminum frame. Probably at the same time speaking antenna. Metal handled carefully.

Building on 4+. If you do not look closely to detail, all great – no squeaks and obvious gaps. But Sim Holder planted pretty rough, the volume buttons and the power slightly “walk” in the recesses of the frame.

Smart marker and call it convenient only because of the large width and height can not. But for PHABLET landing in his hand Elephone S2 Plus all bad. The faces do not slip, small thickness and the glass on the back of a positive impact on ergonomics. Typically difficult to reach the control buttons system – with on-screen would be easier. The power button is located above the volume rocker is too high to make it easy to click on it with your thumb. This is a clear disadvantage.

Functional elements

Under the screen are three touch-sensitive pad flaunt without illumination: Options, Home, and Back. Pressed regularly, spaced enough. Again, play this fun game with submit progress and screwed his IMHO (author’s review of yet) – Subscreen buttons are not needed, and the layout is completely inappropriate in Android 5. requires at least an opportunity without dancing with a tambourine reassign the call options menu of multitasking.

Above the display, there is a dim LED activated to indicate the charging process.

On the right side are the volume keys, and mechanical power. Progress is pressed hard enough to not be afraid of the accidental operation.

The left side gave an SIM card slot and the memory card. To extract the required clip or similar tool, in addition, be dismantled once all chips. Well at least to activate a new card is not required to restart smart.

In the center of the lower end is situated port MicroUSB, near the corner – the microphone.

The upper end of busy jack 3.5mm headphone jack and a second microphone.

Removable glass cover plays on the sun pattern, and at the same time boasts brand logo new fashion phone Elephone. From the bottom, we find a useful little slot for the speaker mesh and razor implicit block camera with flash.


In new fashion phone Elephone S2 Plus typical for the class IPS HD (1280 x 720) display. Diagonal – 5.5 inches, it is rather big. Screen without the air gap, with good viewing angles and sufficient brightness. Tempered glass cover up. Supports up to 5 simultaneous pressing.

Elephone S2 Plus review - new fashion phone with affordable price tag

Available technology MiraVision, improves image quality and allows you to adjust the image to suit your preferences. Adjust the contrast, saturation, brightness, sharpness, color temperature. The base profile (Standard, Vivid) picture a little cold, but generally nice looking. Black is not perfectly black, with high brightness value clearly visible to light up in the bottom of the display. But the process of using it is not very noticeable.

With such a diagonal with a resolution of the density of the points, we have on the level of 267 ppi. Not that much, but enough to display smooth images without noticeable piksilizatsii. Even in small text. Good screen.


In new fashion phone Elephone S2 Plus the average performance system-on-chip 2015 from MediaTek. She was not to set records in the tests, but in actual use, and with this resolution display power is sufficient for all common tasks, and most of the games.

In the smart set a 64-bit processor MT6735, 4-core (Cortex-A53), clocked at 1 GHz. The video chip – Mali-T720. RAM 2 GB storage is allocated 16 GB. It supports MicroSD memory card up to 32GB (by the manufacturer).


The battery is not removable and is not too capacious for android new fashion phone  – 2600 mAh. Here you can remember the thin (6.9 mm) or not to remember – with a strong desire in the machine can be set clearly bigger battery. Nevertheless, we have autonomy at the level of one day at an average load, but if use Elephone S2 Plus is very active, smart sit in the evening.

Communication and Sound

New fashion phone supports passive mode operation of two SIM-cards (format Mini) and catches 2G, 3G, and LTE networks. Ukraine has problems connecting to the HSPA + network is not. The reception quality is normal, communication is caught quickly. Audio quality is average. You can hear the interlocutor well, he – you, but still the sound muffled and not as clean as we would like. Speaker and microphone match the level of the machine, the miracle did not happen. Squelch is, but to call it a very effective I can not. It seems like something weeds.

The external speaker plays loud in spite of a very small hole in the lid. But without bass and ringing at maximum volume. Not the best option for watching movies in a noisy environment, and as a portable speaker Elephone S2 Plus is not very good.

The headphones sound decent. Naturally, provided that use normal headphones. Also noticed during playback device gives some strange background noise. The gag, he was barely audible, but it explicitly Marshall Major “light up”. Hopefully, a feature test S2 Plus.


In Elephone S2 Plus serious camera characteristics, but, in fact, the module typical for this class of machines – removes bad, but not great. The 13-megapixel main camera is equipped with autofocus and LED flash. Focus is working properly, but sometimes brings automation – under difficult shooting conditions, the colors are often far from reliable. Another problem with the camera – pretty aggressive squelch, conceal the items and add frames artifacts. The front 2-megapixel camera with fixed focus lens is suitable except for video, shoot herself do not advise.

As the camera uses the system utility application from the Android KitKat. It is equipped with basic tools, but loses much in amenities and facilities modern solutions. Another reason for the Chamber to find a replacement – to get good results at Elephone S2 Plus is manual picture settings. A standard utility to not get them quickly.


The new fashion phone runs on the current Android 5.1, and if you believe AnTuTu its 64-bit version. Interventions from the manufacturer in a minor, but to optimize the system worked well – is fast and stable.

The lock screen displays notifications Android Lollipop, and even allows you to run a dialer and camera. To unlock quite a display svaypnut up.

As the system, launcher used Launcher3 – typical Chinese. It combines desktops with shortcuts, folders, and widgets, as well as the application menu, but visually not very good – close to KitKat, then the new on Google. We solve the problem of installing an aesthetically faithful Apex package and icons, for example, Moonshine.

Menu updates are not processed. Reveal two-segment – first drawn part of the notification (supported actions display content), then the panel with a quick setup. Is that the volume slider is not, instead, several sound modes.

Menu multitasking called Long press the Home button. Typical application cards and tabs Chrome.

The most common settings, except that the item was added to determine the mode of operation of SIM-cards, and it is possible to set on / off the device at scheduled times. In the settings it is logical to see the gesture control and the team on the screen is turned off (for tapping unlock swipe to launch applications), but they are carried in separate applications – “Direct” and Smart Wake.

Localization of non-native Android application is lame, and stubbornly refused to start the Music application. The rest of the system can only be happy – no crashes, no brakes, no restarts.

The pre-installed software is a typesetting hodgepodge – part of the program of Lollipop, another of KitKat. Not very good. But it is not critical – in the Play Store plenty of great applications.

Findings – new fashion phone

In Elephone, a balanced smartphone fully justifies its price tag. Among the strengths of the design – the device looks really good – quality materials, good screen, and a good iron. The disadvantage is not the best passer on the autonomy and high volume speaker.

If you want a spectacular big-screen smart with a slim – new fashion phone Elephone S2 Plus will not disappoint. And if a diagonal of 5.5 inches excessive, it makes sense to look at the “younger brother” Elephone S2. Yet the range of – it’s good!

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