Nokia Lumia 830 review

Nokia Lumia 830 review

Nokia Lumia 830 review

We were on the hit smartphone review Nokia Lumia 830. This is one of the latest smartphone that comes with a label company Nokia. At the time of this writing, the average price was $ 360.

Microsoft has during the announcement of the smartphone called Nokia Lumia 830 available flagship, alluding to the similarity to the older model – Lumia 930. In many specifications Lumia 830 really inferior to the older model, but the difference in everyday use is felt not so much.

The package includes in addition to the phone battery, charger, USB-cable and various documentation. Headset is not supplied. Good or bad – you decide, I think that is good – all the same manufacturer usually puts low-quality headset and a headset used only true perverts conversation.

Design and Ergonomics

Appearance of the device is similar to the Lumia 930. The smartphone is available in the following colors: orange, green, white and black. We turned orange version, and its appearance can be said that the design is increasingly focused on youth. These bright colors accurately draw attention to themselves.

The back cover is removable, is made of opaque plastic. It is not very visible fingerprints, but they scour quickly and easily. By the way if you remove the back cover, you can see it on the elements for wireless charging, which can be bought separately.

In the Lumia 830, as in 930, uses a metal frame. The upper and lower parts of the frame by two bands for wireless technologies. I liked that the protective glass screen to the edges rounded. Because of this, the screen no frame, it looks pretty.

Nokia Lumia 830 review

On the front side of the device is located on top of the earpiece, front camera and a proximity sensor. At the bottom – the navigation keys.

Located on the back of another microphone, camera with LED flash and wide mesh speaker.

Top – microUSB port and headphone jack.

Right – coupled volume button, power button and a two-position shutter button of the camera. All elements are located in places where they should be stored, and therefore does not cause any discomfort.

Under the hood you can see nanoSIM slot and memory cards microSD. As always it was with products Nokia, assembly at the highest level. Despite the fact that the back cover is removable – squeaks, no backlash.

Display and Image Quality

In Lumia 830 set a 5-inch screen with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. This is not a FullHD-resolution, both the high-end model, but the difference can be seen only when viewing photos with fine detail.

The display is made by technology, IPS. It also uses ClearBlack polarization layer for better behavior at work in the sun. Check in real conditions under the sun I could not – on the street winter, but under bright fluorescent light you can see everything perfectly. It would be desirable that the lower limit of luminance was at a lower level – in the dark it gets in your eyes. Adjust the brightness of works in three modes: the lower chapel, middle and upper. This is due to the operating system Windows Phone.

Oleophobic coating good – even fingerprints and going fast, they scour quickly. There is an opportunity to interact with the screen in gloves.


The manufacturer positions Lumia 830 as a cameraphone. The smartphone uses a 10-megapixel main camera optics c Zeiss, extends the range of PureView. The front camera with a resolution of 0.9 megapixels.

Photos on the main camera gets enough bright and vivid. In bright sunny day images have excellent clarity and detail, color reproduction is also at altitude. In low light conditions almost no problems. Why almost? Because we have high detail, but not always accurate white balance works.

Your phone has pre-installed Nokia branded program for working with photos: Lumia Self, Lumia Studio, Lumia Stories. The camera software has the following form:

Nokia Lumia 830 review

  In the Lumia 830 uses a technology Lumia Rich Recording, which is based on the mic HAAC, recording surround sound over a wide dynamic range. It is worth noting that in the smartphone three microphones for sound recording.

Hardware Platform

The phone runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with 400 graphics accelerator Adreno 305. The volume of non-volatile memory is 16 GB expandable card microSD. RAM – 1 GB.

The GUI is excellent, there is no hint of podlagivaniya and braking. Everything works fast and stable. Asphalt 8 at medium settings works well. In general, because of the small quantity of heavy games (compared to Android and iOS) iron mounted in a smartphone, will be sufficient for all purposes.

Software Platform

Nokia Lumia 830 review

In the Lumia 830 running the latest version at the moment of the operating system – Windows Phone 8.1. Also pre-installed proprietary package Lumia Denim. It slightly updated the Nokia camera, adds the ability to gather the necessary tiles in the folder, as well as an opportunity to show the weather on the lock screen.

Everything else, in principle, is standard for Windows Phone, but some of the features of the system you can learn from the review Nokia Lumia 930.


Sound external speaker Lumia 830 is worse than the 930. He wheezes at maximum volume and the volume itself likely will not be enough to hear the call, for example, in the subway.

However, the sound in the headphones at a very high level – the sound of a well-worked out for the entire frequency range. Since the volume is also okay.

The player equalizer is present, hidden deep in the settings, and has Dolby to improve sound quality.


In the Lumia 830 uses 2200 mAh battery. On average it will last from morning to evening with mixed use with permanently active 3G and works synchronization. This is not the highest rate, given that this unit on the operating system Windows Phone.

In the software, the smartphone has a section “conserves”. It can enable a mode that will eliminate all unnecessary functions and background tasks, and reduce the frequency of push-notifications.


By closest competitors Lumia 830 can be attributed Lumia 930. They are very similar, the only difference is in the “iron”. The potential buyer must make a choice – whether it is enough of those characteristics which are in Lumia 830, or better pay (but is it worth?).


Nokia Lumia 830 review

Choosing the Lumia 830, you must understand that you need a machine on the operating system Windows Phone. If the buyer is satisfied, he will get a great smartphone. Good body materials, interesting appearance, good sound in the headphones, high-quality camera, fast, stable job – it’s all about the Lumia 830.


  • quality housing
  • camera
  • Wireless charging
  • Sound in the headphones


  • Average “iron”
  • Lack of autonomy
  • high price

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