A great debut. Review headphones KEF M200

M200 – the first experience in the creation of KEF in-ear headphones, and not long before they had produced the first pair of bills – M500. These liners – funny and kind of bold design, and incredible bass power for devices of this class, but to the status of its leaders are still nedotyagivayut.

At M200 – sturdy construction and finishing of excellent quality. Compared to most of their body shells made of aluminum alloy are quite large, but look attractive, but the advantages of this design, we’ll be back.

The cable is equipped with a microphone and remote control devices for Apple. Call quality high: the sound is clear, the words clearly visible even in the street crowd during rush hour.

Each headphone is equipped with a device called Secure Arm – flexible rubber nosepiece that is located above and behind the ear. Because of this, KEF headphones can not be fully attributed to the inserts, for their arrangement on the ear requires some skill – the company even has attended the release of video tutorials on installing M200 on the ears, available on the relevant page of YouTube. Adapt himself easily, but at first the process may seem too tricky.

By setting the M200 properly in place, and you wonder how they’re light and not burdensome: soft and flexible arch just as annoying in the process of wearing – headphones if hovering on either side of the head.

Additional support and sound produced by this mount allows almost completely get rid of the mechanical noise cable, it is convenient for travel, as well as the reliability of isolation from external noise.

Including music, the first thing you’ll notice the bass – a lot of bass. Developers of the company managed to create a very complex structure with an incredible level of LF, usually unique to a full-fledged classical models (see “In detail”). The scale of their sound is amazing.

In detail

The model is applied curious KEF M200 dual configuration. Each earpiece hidden woofer diameter of 10 mm and 5.5-mm midrange / tweeter head.

LF transmitter located in a large aluminum casing, while the midrange / tweeter own acoustic design. A narrow channel running along either side of it, allows you to control the flow of low-frequency woofer driver.

The time of entry of bass in the composition of The XX Intro unprepared listener can scare, we have not heard anything so powerful in this category – just take the AKG K550 for $ 450, though Sennheiser IE 800 for $ 1,050. The only flaw in these large-scale bass that during long listening to them sooner or later begin to tire.

For sound KEF characteristic openness and clarity. In the song, Rihanna Star vocals and piano accompanying sound is surprisingly voluminous. As with fellow M500, these headphones gentle nature, which allows them to smooth out too harsh recordings.

But, unfortunately, the KEF headphones can not fully convey no fluidity, no surprise music. Get Lucky with Daft Punk sounds powerful, but the swiftness of the attack gives way to such models as the Klipsch X7i. Shock plates and front boundaries of guitar riffs lacks sharpness, making music captures less than desirable.

At this price a lot of different models; KEF managed to get even with the best of them – but the furor has not happened. But if you like their design, be sure to listen to them.

Price: $ 300

Rating: 4

PROS: Incredible credibility; soft, detailed, open sound, durable and lightweight

Cons: too big, not easy to wear, too powerful bass; lacks vigor

VERDICT: M200 is very good for the first proprietary model, but to the leaders of the class nedotyagivayut

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