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LG G3 – the new flagship of the manufacturer and the first global smartphone with QHD-screen TV. Following global trends, smart display was more diagonal new hardware, a redesigned interface, ultra-fast camera with focus and optical stabilization and firm lines as a keyboard on the back side of the body, unusual texture of plastic and feature a screen unlock Knock Code. In stores smartphone will appear next week at the price of $680, and sales have not started yet, we offer our readers an overview of available new items and see how it meets your expectations, and learn what it has pros and cons.

Options LG G3

The smartphone comes in a small carton. Immodestly manufacturer indicates smartphone received awards from international associations will appreciate the design of LG G3.

On the back side there are the main technical characteristics of the device.

Color overlooks smartphone called Titan. Inside the package, we found an AC charger 1.8 A, USB-cable, battery 3000 mAh and instruction. Recall that LG is already a few years does not complete their devices headsets.

Design and ergonomics LG G3


Contrary to common sense, the race performance now affects not only the hardware platform, the number of megapixels, but the screen size. Was no exception and the flagship LG. Novelty was 5.46-inch screen with a resolution of QHD (2560×1440 pixels). After LG G2, LG G3 be expected look and feel more. It would seem that some millimeters, and feeling completely different. When, after the G3 take in hand G2, the latter seems to be a miniature. Nevertheless, ergonomics G3 thought to the smallest detail. The back side as you approach the rounded sidewalls, which makes the body more streamlined and comfortable. In addition, the width of the housing is still within the permissible, allowing to operate with one hand. For example, to dial a phone number or text message can not intercepting body. To get an idea of ​​the dimensions of new items, offer a look at the comparison table.

As you can see, LG G3 has the most compact body, even against the LG Optimus G Pr o, which at one time was also one of the most compact devices in this form factor. The manufacturer has not only possible to reduce the size, but also to keep the weight in the symbolic “to 150 g.” With him, too, there are certain associations. When you take your hands Lenovo Vibe Z , it seems that there is no battery. With LG G3 such sensations are not, although the difference between the two devices in nonessential 2 years


Another trend in the world – the use as a material for the rear part of the housing special plastic and / or pattern / invoice. The LG all started with iridescent patterns, came to simulate metal. It is worth noting that under brushed aluminum texture does not spoil the impression from G3, rather the contrary. Firstly, it does not as glossy shell like LG G2 . Secondly, plastic much more practical – it is flexible and more resistant to mechanical damage. Thirdly, it has a lower thermal conductivity, so that when there is a load in such case is not hot as in the case with metal.


After all the above written proceed to the description of controls smartphone. The front of the protected tempered glass Gorilla Glass 3 . Left speaker located on the grid proximity sensors and lighting, 2-megapixel camera and LED events. Under the screen you can see the embossed logo of the manufacturer printed on the textured plastic with centric circles. Side frame slightly above the glass. To make the body streamlined, frame narrows as it approaches the glass.

Front and rear side separates the plastic frame slightly lighter than the rest of the hull. On the sides, its thickness is minimal, whereas at the ends of it increases. It was here that there are slots for connectors and holes. Among those at the upper end – eye of the IR transmitter and a microphone on the bottom – connector Micro-USB, headphone jack, and primary microphone.


On the design and material of construction of the rear casing, we have already spoken. Now tell that it is located on. Centered flaunts another manufacturer’s logo can be seen at the bottom of the hole dynamics, and above – the key block Rear Keys, camera lens, infrared illumination autofocus and dual flash. The lens has a polarizing filter can be clearly seen when viewed at an angle, when he acquires a transparent purple.


Smartphone LG G3 received a folding case, which was not in the flagship producer since the days of LG Optimus 4x HD . Under the removable cover is a slot for memory cards and SIM, as well as battery. On the inner side of the lid is NFC-antenna and an induction coil for wireless charging standard, Qi.

Build quality is high. Body creaks and defies even torsion at applying considerable force. It seems monolithic structure that smartphone at hand, because the novelty is not cheap.

Operating system and shell LG G3

The smartphone runs on the familiar from other models of LG operating system Android 4.4.2 with updated original shell. It seems that the name of the new shell has not yet been invented.

Graphical interface has been almost completely redesigned, what’s not in the least contributed to yet another global trend – fashion for all flat, made in soft colors. To understand what is at stake, we offer see the movie.


On the one hand it may seem that in the new shell design changes affected only the graphic elements, but in fact it is not, the changes are more profound and to notice them, you need to compare with the LG G2.

The new GUI (Graphic User Interface) replaced effects when you unlock the screen, the wallpapers, redrawn switches in the notification bar, changed the menu settings, added a few new items, simplified interface finder and more. Assessing changes in general, one can not ignore the positive trend in the care of catchy and “heavy” graphical elements to a more relaxed and easy. Unfortunately, it did not shell lighter in terms of memory requirements and in terms of the smoothness of the animation. Quite often when scrolling windows desktop can be seen trolling. Apparently affected by the lack of optimization programmers, which, in theory, should be resolved with the release of software updates.

Hardware Platform LG G3

The smartphone is based on the current (at the time of entry) hardware platform Qualcomm’s family of Snapdragon 801 – MSM8974AC. Made on 28-nanometer process technology single-chip system contains four core Krait 400 is clocked at 300 MHz to 2.46 GHz and Adreno 330 graphics core running at a frequency of 578 MHz. Treated smartphone (LG D855) supports the following frequency: Quad-band GSM and WCDMA frequencies, as well as LTE-network 700/800/900/1800/2100/2300 and 2600 MHz. In addition, our model has 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of permanent storage. There is another grade with 3 GB of RAM and 32 ROM. Both have a slot for memory cards microSD (maximum memory capacity of 128 GB).

LG company does not yet have specific plans for the sale of the second version of the smartphone in Ukraine, but as practice (eg, LG G2, which first appeared with 16 GB storage, and later became available 32GB version), it will almost certainly happen within a few months after Start selling the current version. By the way, sales will begin in a week that a month earlier than expected.

Performance above 801 Snapdragon Snapdragon 800 only due to the higher clock speed processor and graphics cores, so you would expect a small increase in the synthetic tests. This has proved otherwise, and the cause is almost twice higher resolution screen LG G3 than, for example, from the same LG G Pro 2 or LG G2. Whether to be upset about this? Certainly, if you are a geek, chased indicators in benmarkah. For those who do not pay attention to them or do not know what they are, we can live in peace – a smartphone without a hitch cope with any challenge, whether it be a game or a high-quality video. We have not yet been able to verify the differences in performance between 2 GB and 3 GB versions, but on the available information, it should be enough for the first of these categories of potential buyers G3 – geeks, a difference of about 10%, which can be considered very significant difference .

With video playback as usual smartphone LG, ie, it supports all the test files, including audio AC3. DTS tracks player does not play, it will have to use a third-party player. The file system allows you to upload videos larger than 4 GB. The new shell removed standalone application for viewing videos, now it uses “Gallery”, in which you need to select the appropriate tab. When viewing the available brightness control, including subtitle selection of audio track, the playback speed. You can watch the video from the smartphone as well as your TV screen. For this G3 endowed support SlimPort, Miracast and DLNA. The sound volume is high, although there is no maximum discomfort or desire to reduce it. Quality should satisfy most users.

The music player is unchanged. It still can play your entire library or filter by genre, album, folders. In the settings there are several preset equalizers and the possibility of manual settings. Additionally, you can set the tone and playback speed. Player plays files FLAC. The sound volume is similar to that and watching the video, that is, it is enough even for noisy places such as subway. The sound quality is excellent.

The speaker volume is sufficient for communication in noisy environments. In the settings you can enable improvement (intelligibility) voice (useful for noisy environments). You can not record the conversation. For voice transmission both ways no gripes. Multimedia speaker volume too high, the speaker declared power of 1 W in normal mode and 1.5 watts in temporary increase in volume, such as ringing tone in a noisy environment.

Search speed GPS-satellite high speed data exchange in the Wi-Fi-network is close to the maximum possible. The quality of reception Wi-Fi-good signal and does not depend on how you hold the device vertically or horizontally. Note that LG G3 – the first device with a removable cover, which “out of the box” support wireless charging Qi-standard, and this possibility is not at all reflected in the dimensions of the model, except that the weight could be one or two grams less.

One of the main questions agitated the author of these lines when meeting with LG G3 touched his autonomy. For people who are actively interested in the world of smartphones and changing device with an interesting new items once it is no secret that the battery 3000 mAh for a device with a 5.5-inch screen may not be enough. Not enough during the day to not worry about that evening to ask at your favorite exercises. By good we taught LG G2, LG Optimus G Pro and some models from other manufacturers. Inquisitive people expect to see in the G3 battery capacity 3200-3500 mAh, but it turned out that he would be satisfied with the same capacity as its predecessor. But the screen, consequently, energy consumption increased. The LG talking about a new battery technology that makes it more energy efficient than other devices, but we know very well that you can not believe all the words, sometimes until you check yourself, do not believe it. So what happened to LG G3. In typical conditions for exploiting its website lacks percent of 10-20% less than the LG G2. Nevertheless, it was not the case when the smartphone would have to charge before the end of the day, not to mention the working day. That is, users can expect to one day work at a relatively active use, which includes work in 3G and Wi-Fi-networks, synchronization of two accounts, Google, GPS application for LG Health, automatic brightness at 75%, reading news from social networks, etc. Unlike other manufacturers, LG persistently ignores the opportunity to optimize system performance by reducing the CPU clock speed and other parameters that affect the energy consumption. It is possible that the presence of such regimes could extend the time by 10-20%.

In test applications LG G3 showed good as the flagship for the results. In Antutu Tester 396 points (on ART) and 400 points on Dalvik. In GFXBench results slightly below 140 minutes of work (ART). In the two-hour test time is below average, such as the same Lenovo Vibe Z demonstrates 50% to 90% higher rates.

To eliminate the error, instead of the standard two hours of music playback we got smart “play” 10:00. During this period of time the battery has lost 17% charge. Under “Navigation” is blank. The reason for this was the constant application crashes after 45-50 minutes of work. It is interesting that during the test smartphone does not overheat and works in exactly the same mode as the other test devices. Alas, he never once could not pass it. Charge from 4% to 94% of complete adapter takes two hours.

Display LG G3

Smartphone LG G3 was the first global device received 5.46-inch screen with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels (538 PPI). At a time when the market has a variety of devices with HD-screens, LG begins to promote to the masses QHD-screens. The matrix used is made by technology IPS. Between the screen and touch the glass is no air gap, which makes the image brighter and wider viewing angles. Unlike screen LG G2, as viewed from the angle the screen is not yellow / Shinichi. Apparently used a polarizing filter.

Smartphone can not boast of having separate settings increase the sensitivity of the sensor, but he did and so useless, since this possibility is realized in it originally.


Indicators brightness range from 8.3 cd / m ² to 373.6 cd / m ². Maximum value could be higher, but it does not mean that it is not enough for comfortable work in a bright sunny day. For example, the same value in smartphones Huawei Ascend P7, Huawei Honor 3X, Lenovo Vibe Z, LG G Pro 2, LG G Flex next 401 cd / m ², 385,2 cd / m ², 301 cd / m ², 368,3 cd / m ², 318 cd / m ². In fairness it should be noted that many smartphones on the market with a brightness of 500 cd / m ² and above that, of course, better than the maximum value of G3. With regard to minimum brightness, here LG G3 looks quite well when compared with smartphones already listed, this value will be as follows – 10 cd / m ², 12,7 cd / m ², 10,6 cd / m ², 6,9 cd / m ², 29 cd / m ². In view of this, to say that LG G3 too high minimum brightness or too low maximum incorrectly least because most of the other devices can not boast of such indicators. And here’s the screen G3 is clearly not a favorite, so it is in the level of contrast, only 1:603, which is very little for modern devices, but it is typical for IPS-matrix.

If we talk about the factory calibration, he immediately G3 definitely the best of all device manufacturer that we’ve tested. Virtually all smartphones LG overstated color temperature, whereas in G3 is even slightly below normal. Value of the deviation from the basic colors in a framework in which are not always stacked monitors, and only the gamma curve suggests that bright shades overexposed, while dark contrast, weak contrast, which, however, only confirms what has been said.

Based on the above, the display LG G3 could be evaluated on a solid 5 if not for one thing – inflated sharpness, resulting in noticeable artifacts on the fine print. This feature can be seen only if specifically look into the letters, however, is not entirely clear why the screen with a pixel density per inch extra sharpness. It is hoped that in the next update of this “feature” screen corrected.

Camera LG G3

According to our information, LG G3 has two matrix production of Sony. The main module similar to that used in the LG G2 – 13 megapixel Sony IMX135, SEKONIX lenses and aperture f/2.4. Module front camera Sony IMX208 2.1 megapixel resolution and aperture f/2.4. The physical size of the matrix 1/3.06 “1/6”, respectively. The main camera is complemented by a system of optical stabilization OIS +, the main difference from the previous OIS (LG G2, LG Optimus G Pro) is reduced to work in two planes, the horizontal and vertical. In addition, LG G3 first smartphone with infrared module used for focusing, which is especially important in low light than a smartphone LG has always been a problem.


As a result, the presence of an infrared transmitter for focusing makes using the camera G3 is much more pleasant than in G2. The camera focuses instantly and never misses, which is also important. The maximum resolution of the recorded video is 3840h2160 points (4K video) at 30 frames / s, in addition smartphone can record video in HD-resolution at 120 frames / s.


If we talk about the quality of images, how any noticeable jump as unnoticed, just weaknesses G2 become less noticeable. As for video, it is all the same, the picture is more or less good, but the sound is completely spoils the experience. It’s funny that at the announcement of the manufacturer even makes emphasis on the fact that the smartphone is able to record and play back sound comparable to what people hear, but in reality everything is not so rosy. Again, perhaps, as it was with the LG Nexus 5, updating the manufacturer will correct the problem with the sound, but hope it is not worth, because LG G2 still sick of this childhood disease.

Results LG G3


LG’s new flagship device was very interesting. He has a great 5.5-inch screen with high resolution, good 13 megapixel camera with fast focus, a redesigned interface, consistent with the trend in the market, quality sound in headphones and loud multimedia speaker. It also was a place for a removable battery and a memory card slot, a pedometer, quality housing and modest as the flagship, prices. But, as always, was not without minor flaws. Among these features screen and sound when video recording, as well as some mixed results autonomy. All these roughness can be eliminated with the release of the next firmware update, but even if it does not, is unlikely to be the reason that you refuse to purchase LG G3, because of his dignity more than cover these shortcomings.


For: QHD-display, 13 megapixel camera with optical stabilization and IR illumination, a new shell, removable battery, the presence of the memory card slot, the actual hardware platform, the price is relatively flagships of other manufacturers
Cons: Features screen when recording video, autonomy regarding the flagships of other manufacturers

Conclusion: The first global smartphone with QHD-screen TV. The novelty has received an updated camera with fast autofocus, a new hardware platform, the new “flat” interface and boasts some of the most compact dimensions of classmates

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