Coursera announced the release of an iOS application

Startup Coursera, which is one of the most popular sites for mass online education (MOOC), now officially announced the release of a native application for the owners of devices running iOS.

App now available for free download from the App Store App Store . It is worth noting that there is nothing fundamentally new application can offer. Most of the content is still under development. Many of the courses that you can find an application that contains the label “will appear in the near future.” Coursera site offers much more possibilities.

Main rival Coursera – organization Udacity, has not yet presented its own version of the mobile application. At the same time, another non-profit educational organization – Khan Academy offers mobile applications for the iOS and Android, which provides users with easy access to several thousands of integrative courses in different fields of knowledge.

Coursera service offers full courses, including video lectures with subtitles, text lecture notes, assignments, tests and final exams. Upon completion of the course, subject to the successful implementation of interim assignments and final exam date, the listener may be sent a special certificate.

The application allows you within minutes to select the desired area of ​​expertise and find a course. Through built-in application of tools you can search for courses by various criteria: university, organization or professor. All courses are written by the user are displayed in the “My Courses”.

Recall recently about his intentions translate into Ukrainian language education courses Coursera reported BIONIC University .

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