Review of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 530

Review of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 530 – “trump card in its simplicity!”

Review of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 530

The most affordable in smartphone Nokia Lumia 530 running Windows Phone 8.1. A simple model with an estimated value of $ 118, 4-core processor “on board”, as well as support for the regime dual-SIM. Is this enough to entice the buyer, and the more curious apparatus !? Answers on.

Packaging and delivery Nokia Lumia 530

I do not know how someone like rebranding and boxes of new smartphones now with Microsoft, but I personally pleasant very fact – the manufacturer has decided to “freshen up” design, and shape. Looks, though simple but at the same time in a new way. Frankly, once even wonder why Nokia still have not gone on like that. Perhaps not corny enough money! Last, please read with some sarcasm.

Review of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 530

Any items are not rich. Immediately reminded of that distant time when the budget phones manufacturer received only charger and documentation. Similarly here as well. But if the lack of a headset for phones in this price level is somehow possible to forgive, the fact that a cable micro- USB are also “forgot”, looks a little charge, especially given the fact that the tube can be easily connected to a PC or laptop without the need to pre-install the software.

Materials and build quality

Given that this is a 118-dolarovy apparatus hardly tube body could not be made of plastic. From here a frame, and rear panel plus “marginalia”. The front part is covered by glass. At least it seems so tactile. Immediately, I note that the protective features I liked it – no classical test – friction on the panel with a coin or weekly transportation to jeans pocket was not enough to mark formed on the surface or attrition. But fingerprints and thick oily stains are here in large numbers. However, the procedure of wiping them a lot of time does not take.

It is easy to notice the form factor, the device worked, so that the battery cap is “captures” including “marginalia” like putting the body into a “shell.” By itself, this new format will not name – in Nokia has “burnished” it earlier on inexpensive solutions. Personally to me it seems the most appropriate for budget smartphones play cover removed, as, indeed, and a loose docking of other elements. By the way, that in the future they are cranky, and you should not worry.

Review of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 530

Cover mounting on panel quick and easy, but to perform the opposite action would have to get the hand a little bit.

Machine on the market is available in several trims: black, orange, green, etc..

Ergonomics functional elements Nokia Lumia 530

Looking around the front panel, in addition to the display, the user “finds” are three touch-sensitive buttons, earpiece, plus a miniature output built-in microphone and brand logo.

Disguised under the cover of the battery pack back side is remarkable eye 5MP main camera, another logo Nokia, as well as the withdrawal of the speakerphone.

Review of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 530On the right edge is the volume rocker and on / off button lights and power.

Review of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 530

The opposite part of the body is no functional elements not received.

Review of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 530

At the top end equip classic 3.5 mm jack, and the bottom port of micro-USB.

Display Nokia Lumia 530

The smartphone Nokia Lumia 530 has a 4-inch display with a resolution of 480×854 points. At the heart of TFT matrix.

Review of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 530

The density of pixels per inch is pretty decent – 246 However, from the small grains display is not freed, but the discomfort of it insignificant.

Viewing angles are average in any of the parties.

Adjusting the backlight, as well as any other smartphone based on WP 8.1, determined on three levels: high, low and middle.

Review of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 530

In addition, from a special sub-menu, the user can disable or enable the function to rotate the screen, use the display as a projector, use a special add-on to automatically determine the level of illumination while saving battery, plus adjust the color profile and brightness profile.

When working with a pipe in bright sunlight the display data “blinded”, although the maximum level of illumination makes them quite well viewable to the user without the need for and then cover panel by hand.

Memory Nokia Lumia 530

4 GB of internal memory in the Nokia Lumia 530 available to the user a little more than 1 GB, even for a budget smartphone quite a bit.

Expansion at the expense of memory cards MicroSD maximum capacity of 128 GB. In addition, the owner will receive a Lumia 530 15 GB in the cloud SkyDrive.

Battery and autonomy Nokia Lumia 530

Capacity removable battery – 1430 mAh.

Review of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 530

In practice, under moderate loads one full charge it sufficiently for two days. On average, about two hours I called an hour and a half – worked on the Internet and check e-mail, watching a little video, play and listen to FM-radio.

Provided and classical superstructure conservation.

Speakers Nokia Lumia 530

Review of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 530

The smartphone has two separate speakers – spoken, as well as a speakerphone.

First volume is quite good even for the street. “At the end of the line” user as well heard. It is worth noting the presence of subtle distortion, but much discomfort they are not felt.

Multimedia hardware manufacturer “drowned” and therefore sound noticeably muted when the smartphone is “on the back!” On itself the quality, as for me, at the secondary level – he calls good, but do not expect too much cleanliness.

Equipment Nokia Lumia 530

The device works under the operating system Windows Phone 8.1.

Review of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 530

As already mentioned above, the basis of the tube 4-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200, the clock frequency of 1.2 GHz. The amount of RAM – 512 MB. Used graphics – Adreno 302.

In addition, the “on board” device Wi-Fi 802.11 b / G / n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0, VPN, GPS , GLONASS. Supports dual-SIM implemented the same way as the smartphone Lumia 630, which we already had a detailed review earlier. Who are interested or who did not read it, press here.

Performance Nokia Lumia 530

Available in this smart phone “iron link” enough for everyday tasks at the same time on a special performance should not count – HD – video, for example, on the “native” and the player will not start. However, the price factor does not allow to make this point in the minuses.

Camera Nokia Lumia 530

Front camera in Nokia Lumia 530 is no, but, as for me, it is not necessary.

5MP main camera without flash and AF output is capable of relatively good quality of content in bright subject. However, the less light is, the more the grain in the image eventually.

Conclusions Nokia Lumia 530

Review of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 530

Well, Nokia Lumia 530, you can recommend to buy only if you need dvuhsimochny smartphone is not on Android, you are not a fan of high performance and limited enough money.

Pros Nokia Lumia 530

– Materials and build quality housing;
– Fine-tune the color profile and the profile of the brightness of the display;
– Ability to insert a memory card of up to 128 GB or less;
– A good indicator of autonomy

Cons Nokia Lumia 530

– Lack of micro-USB cable supplied;
– A small amount of internal memory
– Not the most convenient location speakerphone

Estimated cost Nokia Lumia 530: $ 118

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